jessica's number one flop

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    It's not the Somi collab I was expecting but I'm still so happy:umjicry::umjicry::umjicry::umjicry::umjicry::umjicry::umjicry:
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    Question About Produce Groups

    why 1?
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    Most Followed Idols On Instagram

    #1 Lisa — 19.5M #2 Chanyeol — 17.7M #3 Jennie - 16.8M #4 G-Dragon — 16.2M #5 Sehun — 16.1M #6 #Rosé — 15M #7 Baekhyun — 14.8M #8 Jisoo — 14.2M #9 Jackson — 13.7M #10 Taeyeon — 13.4M
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    @admins Explain Yourselves

    What's the difference between Thoughts, Opinions and Discussion? Thread #1 of the Dangerous Procrastination Series
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    Quick Favor

    Thanks for helping!
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    What Golden_Wishes Thinks About at 1:14 AM

    Where's the album, Victoria?:zoomeyes:
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    GG Stans...

    Is anyone else kinda just questioning and reevaluating everything rn? Given recent events, a lot of things I look back seem like signs that more was going on behind the scenes. I've never been ignorant to the dark side of idol Industry but I don't think connected it all together or processed...
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    Comeback I Don't Think Anyone Posted About This Yet.....

    But this sounds so good :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary:
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    Naver FINALLY Under Fire for YG Connection

    Netizens suspect Naver's relationship with YG due to 100 billion won investment Article: [Seungri Gate] 'Why did Naver invest 100 billion won in YG?' corrupt relationship suspicions Source: E-Daily via Nate Journalist Kim Yong Ho revealed that Naver's president had made an investment of...
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    How do you manage your skin?

    What's your skincare routine like? How often do you stick to it?
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    Comment and I'll...

    Evaluate you with an emoji before they get purged:llama_eyes:
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    Android Users....

    What browser you use? I used to use UC Browser but it sucks now. Same with Opera
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    SUGGESTION PERIOD 3/8/2019 - ? BADGES WE NEED 🍒Group Badge 🍒Jiwon 🍒May 🍒Yuju 🍒Chaerin 🍒Mirae 🍒LinLin 🍒Kokoro 🍒Bora 🍒Haeyoon 🍒 Remi Rules Please read before you make badges: HOW TO MAKE BADGES 🍒 Badge size should be 77x77 🍒 No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see...
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    Identify yourselves:pandawatch:
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    A Different Kinda Quiz

    Let's see how many of you flops can't tell the difference between me and @FlopYoda Take the quiz:zoomeyes:
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    News Seohyun Signs With New Agency

    Source (Soompi) Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Signs With New Agency Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun has joined a new agency! On March 7, Namoo Actors officially announced that the idol-turned-actress had signed an exclusive contract with their agency. A representative of the company stated, “We...
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    Top 5 Biases?

    Mine Jessica (Ultimate Bias) Qri (Ultimate Bias Wrecker) Sojin Sunny Soyeon Ooh post 1,000
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    Should the Yang Brothers Step Down...

    And stop ruining YG acts with their bad management and horrid reputation? Maybe have someone competent running the company for the first time? Discuss and enjoy the tragic puns:llama_tea:
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    What Do You Consider Stanning?

    I've noticed that almost everyone has a different and personal list of requirements to be a "Stan" What do you consider Stanning and how is that different from being just an average fan? Is it Time? Money? Personal feelings/dedication? Discuss
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    What Is The Pro and Con for Your Biases' Company?

    SM: Pro: I respect them musically and they always deliver vocals. They do know how to build a strong fanbase Con: Long history of corruption and they blacklist. Too restrictive of groups when it comes to creativity. Imo, they skimp on Red Velvet a lot Coridel: Pro: They let Jessica do anything...