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  1. Ozymandias

    MV Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - Tender Love (여리디여린 사랑을)

    Only Jaejoong/TVXQ can make me love ballads I swear, his voice is so beautiful :sj_weary: I wish he was in the MV tho :yolk: Anyway, you know what time it is? This is return of the king!
  2. Haolat

    News Junsu will be awarded the Hallyu Cultural Daesang at the Newsis K-EXPO 2019 + Neitzens Reactions

    Kim Junsu Will Be Awarded the Hallyu Culture Daesang at the Newsis K-EXPO 2019 + Netizen Reactions Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (32) will receive the Hallyu Culture Daesang (Seoul Mayor's Award) at the Newsis K-EXPO 2019 on the 23rd. Kim Junsu, who debuted in TVXQ in 2004 with the song...
  3. OnCloudShine

    Discussion Yoochun Erased From JYJ?

  4. RandAlThor

    News Another one bites the dust

    I think Burning sun is causing a bunch of these cases to get relooked at. hasta la vista Yoochun. and given the hinkyness about that bathroom deal he is lucky that is just drugs.
  5. Yseki

    Performance Bringing Good Music To The Musical Wasteland Of Kpop

    I thought I would bring the light to those shrouded in the mediocre. This my children is music:
  6. vogue

    News JYJ's Junsu will hold his first concert after enlistment

    soompi article After his one year and nine months of military service, Junsu will be holding a solo concert as his first event.The conert will be from November 30 until December 2 and will be called : ‘2018 Way Back XIA concert.'” Finally the king is back and will be performing very soon...