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  1. litc

    Appreciation Happy Kihyun day

    Happy birthday to my Monsta X bias:kittylove: Your solos were also everything I could've wanted from a release for you and I can call myself not only a monbebe but a fan of you as a soloist as well Kihyun:nekolove::nekolove::nekolove::nekolove::nekolove: @Monbebe
  2. litc


  3. litc

    Video KIHYUN 기현 'Youth' Listening Reaction

  4. litc

    New MV Kihyun the 1st mini album 'Youth' coming soon

  5. LeeHoseok

    News MONSTA X's Kihyun tests positive for Covid 19

    Not surprising considering he just wrapped up promotions. I hope he recovers quickly, and that the other members stay healthy. That's now two out of the five active members being diagnosed. @Monbebe
  6. litc

    Video Kihyun Voyager MV reaction

  7. LeeHoseok

    News Kihyun official logo released

    Now what could this be for? @Monbebe
  8. Shy

    Monsta X Badge Revamp

    Welcome to the Monsta X Badge Revamp! Please let me know if you wan to be tagged for the voting. Rules ▸Badge size must be 77x77 ▸All Badges must use Round Corner frames (ipiccy: 50 / Photopea: 20) ▸No blurry, pure white/black backgrounds or grainy photos; please use high-quality and...
  9. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Three years since this masterpiece!

    Filmed in Holland and just the cutest! @Monbebe :kittylove:
  10. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X Kihyun, I.M, and WONHO spotted together at Gimpo Airport returning from Jeju

    CRYING FOREVER, MY OT7 HEARTTTT!!!! :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: :sadcat: @Monbebe
  11. LeeHoseok

    News Not only is Kihyun NOT a bully...He was straight up misidentified!

    He wasn't even the person the accuser was thinking of!!! So basically, someone really tried to ruin this man's career over not being able to remember. This is why jumping to conclusions and immediately believing accusations is incredibly harmful. This was in regards to the new accusation, not...
  12. LeeHoseok

    News MONSTA X Kihyun cleared of bullying accusations, Starship to sue false accuser

    I had no doubt this man was innocent. Also, while I generally dislike Starship, they went all out to make sure this was put to bed. The person who targeted him did the same in 2015, and Starship didn't pursue charges after they agreed to reflect. However, now that they've made the same false...
  13. Darkseid

    Trading Valentines Day Kihyun (Monsta X) for trade

    Idk how many Valentine’s cards are out but I’ll offer him for a Valentine’s card of one of the GG cards I already have or 2 normal cards. offers pls :sanapray:
  14. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Photo Kihyun for Dazed

  15. Bless_Me_Achoo

    MV Kihyun - Again Spring (어서와 OST)

  16. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Kihyun goes above & beyond in 1st place promise to fans

    I have got to give the man props, he agreed (on Weekly Idol) to wear Wonho's infamous see-through airport pants... ...and then showed up in the whole outfit, including mesh top. :llama_shook: Minhyuk making sure this moment is never forgotten while Ki dies of embarrassment: And finally...