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  1. Abeamus

    Chart Melon top 100 songs of 2022

    1. IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” 2. (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY” 3. MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok’s “Drunken Confession” 4. MeloMance’s “Love, Maybe” 5. Lim Young Woong’s “Love Always Run Away” 6. IVE’s “ELEVEN” 7. BIGBANG’s “Still Life” 8. GyeonseoYeji and Jeon Gunho’s “If You Lovingly Call My Name” 9. PSY’s “That That”...
  2. Abeamus

    News Melons Top 100 Songs Of All Time

    In order to sum up the past three decades of K-pop, Melon—Korea’s largest music streaming service—enlisted the help of 35 music critics and industry experts. Each of the 35 judges was first asked to compile their own individual list of what they considered the 100 best K-pop songs of all time...
  3. Abeamus

    News Melon changing their chart system... again

    On August 2, Melon Company revealed that the current 24Hits and Recent 24Hits charts will change into the TOP100 and Recent charts. This upcoming reform reflects user feedback and changes in the music industry. The new TOP100 chart will be calculated 50 percent based on usage from the past 24...
  4. Abeamus

    News Kakao and Melon announce merger in September

    On July 15, both companies decided on a merger at their respective board meetings. The two companies plan to complete the merger by September 1 after receiving final approval at a general meeting of shareholders on July 30. Melon, which was spun off from Kakao on July 1, will join Kakao...
  5. Darkseid

    Chart Brave Girls finally reach #1 on Melon

    :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary: I mean it's in the old system but still :wimwim: According to the current format they're #2 on all charts, IU is #1 on two charts and the Yoseob/Eunji duet is #1 on the other 2 :wimwim: @eclipsoul @Reo @Abeamus
  6. Abeamus

    News Melon launches new chart called "Recent 24Hits"

    On January 25, Kakao’s Melon revealed its launch of a new chart called Recent 24Hits (literal translation) that allows users to check the most popular new releases. According to Melon, the chart is an aggregation of the top 100 songs that users have listened to the most among new songs within...
  7. Abeamus

    Chart Melon reveals top 100 songs of the past decade

    Something to keep in mind before looking at the top 100 which you all slacked on posting is that Melon organised this by streaming which is why a lot of the early songs in the decade are missing as streaming has been pretty much consistently growing. Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” IU’s...
  8. Tiffany

    Chart Top 20 Melon Daily Charts [09.26.2020]

    Apply at 📌〚TAGLIST〛Taggable Fandom Groups 📌 - KPopSource - International KPOP Forum Community. to get added to @Charts taglist.
  9. Tiffany

    Chart Top 20 Melon Daily Charts [09.22.2020]

  10. Tiffany

    Chart Top 20 Melon Daily Charts [09.18.2020]

  11. Abeamus

    News Melons upcoming changes

    I'm for most of these changes as it makes sajaegi and fandom streaming harder and depending on how much the play all feature is used then it could help songs which barely chart be discovered more but the ranking change just seems tedious. "Melon has announced big changes coming to its chart...
  12. RandAlThor

    Can we say Melon is no longer worthy of the 6x.

    When 370k is enough for weekly and daily third. The streaming site has lost relevance. bugs and gennie gotta have more users atm. 220k for high teens. this is crazy almost an over night collapse. Zico lived on the roof with over a million Iu could barely make 800. Sadly Taeyeon is not...
  13. RandAlThor

    Chart What the heck is going on with UL?

    Its like folks stopped using melon instantly when bts album dropped? a bunch were around 300-400k daily. Fiesta was hitting 400 and now its under a song doing 280.. And what is up with those numbers not even 500k as of Monday night? Melon has been getting very sparce lately. Even IU had crazy...
  14. Abeamus

    Performance MMA Performances

  15. Abeamus

    News Melon Music Awards Winners

    Top 10 BTS Jannabi Mamamoo Heize Taeyeon Jang Beom June Bol4 EXO Chungha MC The Max Rookie TXT Itzy Dance BTS - Boy With Luv Chungha - Gotta Go Genres Billies Eilish - Bad Guy - Best Pop Hong Jin Young - Love Tonight - Best Trot Melomance - You & I - Best Indie Epik High - Love Drunk - Best...