1. RandAlThor

    Performance so I got around to watching nonstop.

    Baring the purple hair (Mimi ?) especially early it was ok i liked Sunghee's parts. I think this is some of why i dislike so much of current gg, that deep tone especially with a high song is unpleasant/jarring. But the girls looked good. Not something i would look up again mostly because...
  2. perhapz

    Photo Here's some pics of the cutest alive being in the world

    the other one in the pic is just a random doggy
  3. Soleski

    MV G-idle - Lion

  4. PrideInBaek

    I can't move on smh

    The Untamed has taken over my mind and heart so much so that I've watched it 7 times now. Yes, that's right! 7 times! I have never fell in love with a drama, a story as much as I have fallen for this. A love so pure, a loyalty so unmoving that Lan Zhan waited for 16 years and looked for his...
  5. raymondchouku

    O.M.G. Windows

    Does anyone else remember when we had to actually roll down our windows instead of with a button? Just remembered this while watching a guy do it on Happy Endings. lol
  6. K

    I am so sorry, KS

    ..... for using so many anime gifs in all my threads (especially Naruto ones). You must all be tired of it, I'll never do it again :nekoshy:
  7. perhapz

    Cover Idol Cover Dance Battle - BTS songs (fromis_9 x WJSN x OMG x MMLD)

    Jiheon and Dayoung the MVPs, dancing to almost every song lmao Random tags @Ozymandias @Tir @Walnutt @AnotherKpopTrash @Ireneisbaee @Pigeon @Mangoey @mirella @RandAlThor @goyo @Reo @itzybitzyblink @Jichuus @KidLeader112 @Skinnny
  8. perhapz

    News OMG confirms early August comeback with a Summer package album

    @Ozymandias @goyo @Walnutt @AnotherKpopTrash @mirella @Tir
  9. perhapz

    Cover IDOL COVER DANCE CHALLENGE - Boy With Luv (WJSN, OMG, fromis_9, MMLD)

    Girls slayed, especially YooA and the OMG girls. Next week there's another video, seems like it's going to be a cover dance battle, can't wait!
  10. marublade

    Appreciation It must be snowing in hell... Lay posted a picture with Sehun!

    I am so happy and dying and still so happy and I just can't! OHMYGOSH THANK YOU LAY!