1. eclipsoul

    MV ONEUS - No diggity(반박불가)

  2. whatever

    Teaser ONEUS(원어스) 'DEVIL' Highlight Medley

  3. whatever

    Dance Practice [Choreography] ONEUS(원어스) '뿌셔 (BBUSYEO)' 사복 안무 영상

    I absolutely love it ! Very fun choreo !
  4. whatever

    18+ New stage break...

    They have released a stage break... Mature and sensitive content...:icgyu: But this was amazing btw. They never disappoint.
  5. WeiYing

    Discussion Bias in oneus?

    My bias(s) are Keonhee and Seoho :sakUwu:
  6. Saythename17

    MV ONEUS *To Be Or Not To Be* Official MV

  7. whatever

    Teaser Insane choreography and song - ONEUS - Perhaps their best comeback ?

    They have released a MV teaser for their comeback (August 19th). And I'm speechless. I think it'll be incredible.
  8. whatever

    Photo Leedo and Seoho concept film

  9. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS 'To Be Or Not To Be' Story Film

  10. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS *Lived* Tracklist

  11. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS *Lived* Teaser Images

  12. whatever

    Teaser Oneus Concept photo - Comeback "Lived"

  13. whatever

    Performance Oneus- Stage break 2 (Billie Eilish, BTS, Seventeen)

    Impressive !
  14. eclipsoul

    News ONEUS' official lightstick revealed

  15. Darkyoda47

    Discussion Your Top 3 BoyGroup Songs in 2020, So Far?

    Inspired by @Ahsoka 's dislike for GG songs :welp: - 1. Day6 - Zombie The whole album is gold tbh. Afraid and Love Me or Leave Me are really good too, I highly recommend. 2. Stray Kids - TOP (Japanese Ver.) This is also the OP for Tower of God. I highly recommend that anime btw! 3. Oneus -...
  16. RainbowDevil

    Discussion Imagine the power...

    This stage... was Oneus X Nu'Est X NEX7 (or Nine Percent (Chinese group, probably their most popular)) Here they were still babies, even Ren but now... oof, now that they're all great in their respective groups, just :junweary:
  17. RandAlThor

    Variety Shindong is everywhere..(dancing idol)

    This was a bunch of fun. and it is already subbed ... Yooa is too cute like seriously, she was really happy that they new secret garden.