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  1. Saythename17

    MV ONEUS *To Be Or Not To Be* Official MV

  2. whatever

    Teaser Insane choreography and song - ONEUS - Perhaps their best comeback ?

    They have released a MV teaser for their comeback (August 19th). And I'm speechless. I think it'll be incredible.
  3. whatever

    Photo Leedo and Seoho concept film

  4. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS 'To Be Or Not To Be' Story Film

  5. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS *Lived* Tracklist

  6. Saythename17

    Teaser ONEUS *Lived* Teaser Images

  7. whatever

    Teaser Oneus Concept photo - Comeback "Lived"

  8. whatever

    Performance Oneus- Stage break 2 (Billie Eilish, BTS, Seventeen)

    Impressive !
  9. eclipsoul

    News ONEUS' official lightstick revealed

  10. Darkyoda47

    Discussion Your Top 3 BoyGroup Songs in 2020, So Far?

    Inspired by @Ahsoka 's dislike for GG songs :welp: - 1. Day6 - Zombie The whole album is gold tbh. Afraid and Love Me or Leave Me are really good too, I highly recommend. 2. Stray Kids - TOP (Japanese Ver.) This is also the OP for Tower of God. I highly recommend that anime btw! 3. Oneus -...
  11. Darth_Felflame

    Discussion Imagine the power...

    This stage... was Oneus X Nu'Est X NEX7 (or Nine Percent (Chinese group, probably their most popular)) Here they were still babies, even Ren but now... oof, now that they're all great in their respective groups, just :junweary:
  12. RandAlThor

    Variety Shindong is everywhere..(dancing idol)

    This was a bunch of fun. and it is already subbed ... Yooa is too cute like seriously, she was really happy that they new secret garden.
  13. FaceMcShooty

    Discussion Is there a group you used to ignore cause of their name?

    I used to ignore Oneus cause their name reminds me of USB cables from AliExpress, I mean: But when I finally checked them out, I realized I really like their songs :sanapray: Also: Their new song is so catchy, it's a crime that it hasn't passed 1M views yet!
  14. eclipsoul

    MV ONEUS - A Song Written Easily

  15. eternallyrei

    Discussion What is your favorite ONEUS title track?

    Mine is Twilight
  16. eclipsoul

    News Mnet 'Road to Kingdom' confirmed lineup

  17. raymondchouku

    Discussion Recent Dreams

    Share a dream or dreams you had recently? Last night I dreamed two things: (1) There was an Exo concert for which a friend of mine [that my dream constructed because outside of the dream I do not know this person] scored some tickets. We were running late for the show and I was extremely...