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park bom

  1. blueberries

    News Park Bom asked CL to write her song

    Source: Park Bom Reveals She Asked CL To Write A Song For Her + How Her Duet With Sandara Park Came About Park Bom appeared recently on Mnet's program Studio Music Hall. She was asked if she still keeps in touch with former 2NE1 members on the show so she shared about her duet song First Snow...
  2. Abeamus

    My top 5 favourite 2019 girl group/soloists songs

    Wanted to make a top 10 but a top 5 for each seemed better so here we are Female Soloists Girl Groups
  3. QueenGirlCrush


    Still the B.E.S.T.!!!
  4. Abeamus

    Sera Ryu reacting to Queendoms final stages part 1

  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Moonlight vs Wanna Go Back - R5 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Moonlight and Wanna Go Back have both had bad luck during the tournament with each picking up a total of 0 wins but now that they are in a match against each other which one will pick up their 1st and last win? Other Round 5 Matches Lion vs Sorry Destiny vs Guerilla
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Sorry vs Wanna Go Back - R4 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Sorry got its 1st loss last round and went from tied for 1st to tied for 2nd and going against Wanna Go Back will Sorry pick up a win or another loss? Other Round 4 Matches Destiny vs Lion Guerilla vs Moonlight
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Lion vs Wanna Go Back - R3 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion got its 1st win last round meanwhile Wanna Go Back racked up to 2 losses, will Lions good luck continue or will Wanna Go Backs bad luck end? Other Round 3 Matches Guerilla vs Sorry Destiny vs Moonlight
  8. Abeamus

    Tourney Guerilla vs Wanna Go Back - R2 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Guerilla managed to pick up a win in the 1st round getting off to a good start but Wanna Go Back did not get off to such a great start with a loss but will Wanna Go Back turn things around here or will Guerilla continue on up? Other Round 2 Matches Lion vs Moonlight Destiny vs Sorry
  9. Abeamus

    Tourney Destiny vs Wanna Go Back - R1 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Mamamoos final performance Destiny going against Park Boms final performance Wanna Go Back for the first match, which song will pick up an early lead? Other Round 1 Matches Guerilla vs Lion Moonlight vs Sorry
  10. eclipsoul

    Performance Queendom Final Performances

  11. Abeamus

    Queendom 2.0 Tournament Information

    Here's the 2nd part of the Queendom tournament covering the final 6 performances with the original songs which will start next Monday and go from Monday-Friday with 3 matches a day The performances involved will obviously be AOA - Sorry (G)I-dle - Lion Lovelyz - Moonlight Mamamoo - Destiny Oh...
  12. Ashla_K

    Appreciation It's my Birthday B#@$* Ft. PARK BOM

    Bom's single for Queendom isn't something surprising but it's really her style with deep lyrics. Her collab with MC mong reminds me of her old songs with BB and Masta Wu. :pepelgbt: :pepelgbt:
  13. Suzy

    Audio QUEENDOM Original Singles - Your favourite song?

    The digital album was released in Korea. Which is your favorite song?
  14. Abeamus

    Tourney Fire vs Hann - R5 Queendom Tournament

    Onto the last round and this is Fires last chance to pick up a win going up against Hann which picked up 1 win then lost every match after but can Fire beat Hann here? Other Round 5 Matches Egotistic vs Good Luck Destiny vs Sixth Sense
  15. Abeamus

    Tourney Good Luck vs Hann - R4 Queendom Tournament

    Good Luck has been doing well since its 1st round as it won both its matches after which unlike Hann who won the 1st round and lost both matches after, which will get the win here? Other Round 4 Matches Destiny vs Egotistic Fire vs Sixth Sense
  16. Abeamus

    Tourney Egotistic vs Hann - R3 Queendom Tournament

    Egotistic one of the songs which won both rounds so far going against Hann which lost last round bringing its score to 1-1, who will get the win this match? Other Round 3 Matches Good Luck vs Sixth Sense Destiny vs Fire
  17. Abeamus

    Tourney Destiny vs Hann - R2 Queendom Tournament

    The next round starts off with Destiny at 1 win from the first round going against Hann which also won in the first round so what will be the outcome here? Other Round 2 Matches Fire vs Good Luck Egotistic vs Sixth Sense
  18. Abeamus

    Tourney Hann vs Sixth Sense - R1 Queendom Tourament

    The next match features Park Boms cover of (G)I-dles Hann versus Lovelyz cover of Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense, which performance will get an early lead in the tournament? Other Round 1 Matches Egotistic vs Fire Destiny vs Good Luck
  19. Abeamus

    Queendom Tournament Information

    It'll be a round robin tournament that starts Monday but it will not have 7 rounds nor will it have 4 matches per day as there are only 6 participants so it'll have 5 rounds going Monday-Friday with 3 matches per day posted at 2PM, 5PM and 8PM BST. I'll be using the performance versions since...