1. Yachii

    Audio PassCode - Anything New

    I have been debating with myself on whether or not to post this since it's so obviously recorded from the radio by a fan. The sound quality is poor; but it's the best we have for now. Might be better to just wait for the mv to be released.. anyway... here it is. @Hackers @chilloutdiana...
  2. Yachii

    Comeback PassCode New full album?

    Within the comments, someone is speculating: Could this be true? It'd be amazing/wonderful if it is. @chilloutdiana @Kat_in_the_box @Lucky @Nekone @retrofuturism @Soleski @TaeKpop13
  3. Mairi

    PassCode tournament information

    I am going to organise a PassCode tournament, it will start on Thursday. I need to have ideas in order to select eight songs for the tournament @chilloutdiana @Keihatsu @Lady_Camellia @Lucky @retrofuturism @Yachii @Yumi @Darth_Bitzy @darthraine @eclipsoul
  4. Yachii

    PassCode Badge Thread

    PASSCODE BADGE THREAD RULES Badges must be 77x77 Official photos only Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable Post your sources along with badges Must be high quality and not blurry. For how to make a badge, click here The members will stay under...
  5. Yachii

    Group PassCode Official Artist Thread

    PassCode is a Japanese alt-idol girl group formed in early 2013 as a normal cute idol group doing EDM/Bubblegum pop kind of music. The original lineup consisted of Kanzaki Reika, Sakurai Saki, Kazuki Kyoko, and Kurohara Yuri. Three of them left the group during their first year. During that time...
  6. Yachii

    Inner conflict: Dreamcatcher vs PassCode

    I have been experiencing some kind of inner battle between two girl groups for my ultimate bias throne. They are Dreamcatcher and PassCode. Since the subjects of kpop and jpop tend to remain separated, I have never mentioned it before. However, it seems that I keep switching back and forth...