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  1. bunnyviolet

    Teaser PENTAGON 'IN:VITE U' concept image : nouveau

  2. bunnyviolet

    Teaser PENTAGON 12th mini album 'IN:VITE U' teaser

  3. HueKaisBubbles

    Information Pentagon Tournament - Final Rankings! And the winner is...

    ...Daisy, with a total of 18 votes! Shine, the runner-up, almost made it a tie - she got 17 votes, followed by Do or Not with 13. Here's the table I used to determine this: RankSongRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Final 1 Daisy 3 2 2 2 3 4 2 18 2 Shine 4 2 2 2 3 2 2 17...
  4. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R7 - Daisy vs Naughty Boy

    This is the final pairing before the results tomorrow! Will Daisy continue her winning streak, or will her opponent be a true "Naughty Boy" and take it from her?
  5. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R7 - Gorilla vs Sha La La

    Will Gorilla get her third win, or will Sha La La take over?
  6. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R7 - Critical Beauty vs Do or Not

    Will Critical Beauty ever win a round, or will her opponent DO it and taunt in CB's face, "OR NOT"? (again with the bad puns...)
  7. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R7 - Shine vs Dr. BeBe

    Last round before the results! Will Shine continue to... well... shine lol, or will she end up under the (healing) power of Dr. BeBe? (lol sorry for the bad DBB pun - it's only 8:30 am here, and I couldn't think of anything better)
  8. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R6 - Daisy vs Sha La La

    Ooh, Sha La La - you're looking fresh as a Daisy! lol idk just thought of putting the two in a sentence together, because they're also paired up in the final matching this round! Vote vote vote!
  9. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R6 - Naughty Boy vs Dr. BeBe

    "Naughty Boy" and "Dr. BeBe" are basically "naughty" and "nice" (their gf is their personal doctor - ergo, nice). lol so which one are you going for?
  10. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R6 - Gorilla vs Do or Not

    Their debut and their most recent title track are up against each other! But which will take the win this time?
  11. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R6 - Shine vs Critical Beauty

    Shine has (almost) all wins and Critical Beauty all losses. Will this be CB's round???
  12. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R5 - Sha La La vs Shine

    Which of these Shhhhhh-starting songs (the titles start with Shh, not the actual songs ofc lol): Shhhhhhha La La or Shhhhhhhhhhine? lol
  13. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R5 - Dr. BeBe vs Do or Not

    Just like the last pairing, these two have equal win-to-loss ratios. Which one is in it to win it?
  14. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R5 - Gorilla vs Naughty Boy

    Well, gorillas CAN be naughty boys, after all! lol But yeah, each of these songs has an equal ratio of wins to losses. But who will break their personal tie?
  15. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R5 - Critical Beauty vs Daisy

    CB has all losses and Daisy all wins (plus one draw)! Which one will win this round?
  16. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R4 - Critical Beauty vs Dr. BeBe

    This pairing also has more losses than wins under their belts. Will CB finally get a win, or will DBB overtake her, making her win-to-loss ratio even?
  17. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R4 - Naughty Boy vs Sha La La

    NB and SLL each have one win and two losses so far. Which one will get her second win this round?
  18. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Pentagon R4 - Gorilla vs Daisy

    Not only are Gorilla and Daisy Pentagon song titles, but they're also things you can find in nature (howbowdah? lol)! But we're talking about the songs here. Will Gorilla finally get another win, or will she once again be defeated?