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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    I am building up my last fm plays

    watch this space @Tsukino @Yachii @kimsguardian it might be a mix of genre(s) not sure yet.
  2. litc

    Audio 빅워크 X Weeekly WALK PLAYLIST : 위클리는 가을이 좋아! ✨

    @Daileee I love when groups make youtube video playlists of their songs like this :maheart: Haven't listened to it yet, but will later I know Seventeen and Block B do it too at the very least. I've heard all of theirs. Some of SVT's were made by the different teams (vocal, hip-hop...
  3. seoriverse

    soft krnb/khiphop playlist

    i found this playlist on youtube called "soft krnb/khiphop" and i really like the songs on there so i thought i'd share with everyone!! did you already know songs in the video?
  4. seoriverse

    IVE summer playlist

    they rlly put their whole discography in there @Dive
  5. seoriverse

    Perfect kpop songs for studying?

    wrong answers only
  6. Chaeee

    Comment a # between 1-172 and I’ll give you a random song from my western playlist

    Self explanatory :sanapray: ye can judge my taste if ye like:lisalaugh: Now pick a number!!
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation I adore sad songs

    Well these aren't all sad songs... but they all have quite a sad or nostalgic vibe. this be my most played playlist. It's amazing. You should all check it out!
  8. Willow

    I am creating new playlists

    I was reading my old notebook and thought it was a good idea to continue my playlist project that I have started in 2016. Be free to tell me which playlist you are the most interested in and to recommend me some songs I can add in each of them. I will write down here my ideas and give you a...
  9. maruberry

    Tell me a number from 1-100 and I will give you a song from...

    ...A song from my spotify 2019 playlist made of the songs I have listened to the most in 2019! There are a few non-kpop songs in there, but they are few and far between! PS: It goes that 1 is my most listened to song and then it goes down to like what I have listened to less.
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Tell me what you think of before sleep and I will give you a song...

    Tell me what you thnk of before falling asleep and I will give you a song from my sleepy-happy playlist! (that somehow has mostly sad songs, but ignore that) Have a sleepy Woozi being a babie
  11. Myco

    Announcement [Spotify] Hype your K-HipHop | Sexylegant K-Pop

    It's been a while since any announcement were made but since last time two new additional K-Pop Playlists were added, both pretty different as well! First off we got "Hype your K-HipHop" which as you can tell from the name has a lot of great HipHop tracks on it! and secondly "Sexylegant...
  12. Mayday

    Audio Your Summer Playlists?

  13. Myco

    Announcement [Spotify] Feel the Summer with K-Pop

    Hello everyone, a new playlist, a new theme. This time around it's "Feel the Summer"! We hope that you will enjoy the songs and different artists on it. With the variety it delivers you can play it while sunbathing, picnicking, maybe even while swimming and many more activities. Have fun!