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  1. IsTamaraHere

    I should write

    more poems give me ideas yo i am out of sync so to speak.
  2. IsTamaraHere

    I need some encouragement

    The march poetry uk contest gets decided and I do not have high hopes I came anything. How do I be more confident of the outcome Stupid low self esteem.
  3. dimanche

    my review for sf9 - love colour || a song that changed history as we know it.

    this song was sent to be by the angels above and i will graciously review it for you guys :takingnotes: its a nice song with a funky beat, totally just about mixing paint colors and no metaphorical suggestions behind whatsoever it just a nice song about painting how fun :hcnod: some noteable...
  4. IsTamaraHere

    She wants what we all want Poem

    she can see the light she can see the light her funds are tight and her face a fright and her face a fright nightmares gather brewing up a storm getting sawn in half her body laid in a bath it smelled of rot it smelled of rot not of this world but another dimension she copes somehow she deals...
  5. IsTamaraHere

    The Way Things Used to Be

    Drowning in blood it is hard to breathe hard to make sense of it all I wish I was more intact and that's a fact my bones dissolve like dust and I see it as a must to live on to grow old nothing was so bold as the age one is and the pages of a book writing itself exciting but depressing my...
  6. IsTamaraHere

    Get Outta Ny Head

    So much delusion so much intrusion questions without answers my mind is a mockery of my being feeling tainted and unclean so much delusion so much intrusion I am me or am I not visions are my staple it makes me hateful wish they would end and not always blend I feel trapped I feel trapped Is...
  7. IsTamaraHere

    18+ My butcher knife gleams

    Wicked voices controlling me wanting me to kill without remorse without guilt my mind implodes as I am in killing mode the blood rushes from their neck as I slice and dice A head decapitated my sickly smile stuns all the while I am a violent psychopath that follows the one path to draw blood...
  8. IsTamaraHere

    Behind the wheel, mad drunk on power

    Family is everything without them we're nothing nothing but a husk having no emotion non existent feelings how I linger on no attachments no voices surrounded by death everyday death is my mindset my only way to live is to destroy all I love with a hunting knife and a weak smile All of this is...
  9. IsTamaraHere

    I am thinking of....

    writing poetry again. Been slacking off a lot with it. I have ideas, just I don't put pen to paper.
  10. IsTamaraHere

    My Reality is Bleak/A Darkness without Light

    The horrors of departure it reeks like an unbearable stench I quench the freedom one often desires a higher place, a higher existence the woods of my mind know no equal only minor to the problems I face today burdened by the problems I face today the unthinkable is now my reality the lies of a...
  11. IsTamaraHere

    I Can Breathe Again (The Uneasiness Wavers)

    I am free at long last The dream has finally been realised a contribution to the ashes that bare your name a famous bliss is all in the air all I can do is care about your well being and your mental health a health worth sharing like an envelope addressed to god my god I feel complete my lord I...
  12. IsTamaraHere

    Sensitive For my own Amusement: The Pain Never Ends

    Releasing the demons in my head suicidal thoughts are my new bed a comfort I need to sleep forever too I have been drinking too much negativity and now I am addicted hungover and leaning over a ledge always on edge like the knife tip in the moonlight glistening never missing a beat a darkness...
  13. IsTamaraHere

    The Sun smiles as the Rainbow parts ways

    Sunshine eternally the spirit of ones soul bold and calm calm and uplifting downgrading my situation with a song or two a hymn of the wilderness I kiss you with a smile all the while you blush as you rush towards the moon and play the flute of youth to boost my morale my composure my resolve my...
  14. IsTamaraHere

    Heavy Lies the Crown (Endless Affliction)

    To spot a thief in the night. I have a bright and dark way of thinking Chasing ghosts in my nightmares The most vibrant of desires To aim higher is the plan But the crown is heavy My levy knows no limitations Fragmentation of my medicine That makes me ill of will And fight my thoughts on rewind...
  15. IsTamaraHere

    The Relapse of the Relinquished Rapture

    From aeons hymn, a misery dims transcending, becoming, transforming Carving the stone with a blunt knife a deeper force to be reckoned with a monument to the lives long since past the extinguished are always relinquished headless serpents call my grave home sewn are the seeds of remorse...
  16. IsTamaraHere

    From Hands to Toil (The Soilwork)

    Death comes to those that deserve it I am worth it, I tell myself this thought everyday the undying light follows me in every direction everlasting pain, never gaining a foothold so I was told, when the valleys merge, so do hearts a flutter muttering under my breath, a death wish a gazing star...
  17. IsTamaraHere

    Bloodstained Ocean (The Deepest Perils)

    Bow down for I am your king crimes against humanity salt in my wounds fantasy is my dreams nothing is ever as it seems the motion sickness overcomes the pain and perils of the deep bow down for I am your king satan whispers dark desires into my ear I never listen, I always glisten in the...
  18. wayvoutsold

    Fanart In honor of LOONA’s upcoming comeback...

    I wrote a poem!
  19. Baechu

    Appreciation Red Velvet - One minute poems

    One minute poems, for my loves. Irene Love before life, You before anything. my bae, my chu. I love you. Baechu. Wendy Wendy, oh Wendy, Oh my, Wendy. You, your voice, Effortless, elegant, quirky and silly. Wendy, oh Wendy. Seulgi Bear, with no claws, Powerful moves but no harm. Oh...