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produce 101

  1. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Nako Promo For PD 101 Japan S3

    if only is easioer to watch and better run that the out of 48 thing.
  2. RandAlThor

    News lol so CEmj hired the fixer back

    ofc that was part of his orginal deal to take the fall. and ofc ppl are pissed so now they are saying sorry but he still has a job.. he did put together good groups .
  3. RandAlThor

    Challenge gg edm

    so cheating!!! wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. QueenB

    News Produce 101 Trainees who were Unfairly Eliminated

    If you can't see the tweets: S1- Kim Suhyun, Seo Hyelin S2 - Seong Hyunwoo, Kang Dongho PD 48 - Han Chowon, Lee Kaeun PDX 101 - Timothée Anzardi, Kim Kookheon, Lee Jinwoo, Koo Jungmo, Lee Jinhyuk, Keum Donghyun Stuff about compensation:
  5. Wonpil

    Tourney Produce 101 KPS Edition Looking For Judges

    I need 3 judges who can be unbiased @Ahsoka
  6. Wonpil

    Tourney Produce 101 KPS Edition Round 1

    Auditions are officially over! Ranking will be coming out soon, but I'd like to announce the next round~ The next round is the first battle like in actual Produce. So I will use a random name generator to put all the trainees into equal teams and then assign them an artist and they'll have to...
  7. Wonpil


    Link your trainee and I'll add them into the OP @Somi - Shuxin @mysteric - Jiaqi @maruberry - Yrina @gayzone - Chungha @Saythename17 - Somi @Cherry_Lady - Miyu
  8. maruberry

    Variety Luhan and Tao to appear together as mentors on Produce 101 china

    Now this isn't 100%, but Produce 101 china released collage clues as to who will me on there as mentors and well.... It looks like we are gonna get LuTao action up in there!
  9. RandAlThor

    regarding KBS and general anti pd/IZ*ONE

    I do have to say i am beyond tired of the izone should be disbanded ppl and KBS's crap. Do they support Cherry bullet, rocket punch , NMB, did one of em listen to Kaeuns goodbye solo, will they support mystic new group hell have they watched any of the listen stages..... And that is just the...
  10. JakeyWantsCakey

    What’s happening with Cube’s new boy group???

    For those of you that don’t know, Cube was supposed to debut a new boy group in 2019 with Seonho and Guanlin from Produce 101 but because of Guanlin’s lawsuit against Cube those plans got delayed then at the end of last year they started revealing a few new boys on their trainee Instagram...
  11. QueenB

    Favorite Produce Series Uniform

    So the female version of idol producer is coming soon and they've released a preview of what the uniform is going to be: And i'm bored and up for a poll so vote on your favorite uniforms from the produce 101 and idol producer series: Produce 101 Idol Producer
  12. Darkseid

    News MNET says no more audition programs

    I guess this means the trend of survival shows, atleast the MNET ones could be over for the foreseeable future. Sure, there might be shows on other networks, but MNET shows were the biggest, most popular, and they had the most connections. You could have stuff like The Unit but hardly anybody...
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation 5 reasons Idol Producer is better than Produce 101

    1. No evil editing 2. They don't starve the trainees 3. The Trainees are allowed to move around more freely (There is a store near the facilites that is frequented like daily...) 4. They feed the trainees (A lot of the trainees gained weight, Idol Producer took the trainees out to eat in a...
  14. maruberry

    News Wrestling 101 aka... a WOT?

    a wot?
  15. maruberry

    MV Produce 101 Japan theme song "It's coming" MV

  16. JakeyWantsCakey

    Reality Official Produce 101 Japan Thread

    Official Website Official Twitter Official Instagram Official YouTube Channel Produce 101 Japan Is the first Japanese season of the popular Korean reality competition show of the same name. It will feature male trainees who will represent Japan's 47 prefectures instead of the usual...
  17. Haolat

    News Police to Investigate all 4 Seasons of ‘Produce 101’ Series for Signs of Vote Manipulation

    Amidst their investigation into “Produce X 101,” the police have announced their plans to look into previous seasons of Mnet’s “Produce 101” series to see whether similar issues of vote manipulation took place. On September 2, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held an open press conference...
  18. QueenB

    Debut X1: Debut "Quantum Leap" - 8/27

    Social Media: Twitter Official Twitter Members Vlive Instagram YouTube Facebook Tags: @JJbaker @colorfulteardrop @Wingfrost Official Colors: Group Teasers