1. midzyblink

    Best Songs of 2020

    Check out my picks for the best songs of 2020! Hayden’s Picks: Best KPOP Songs of 2020
  2. Cinnamon

    Who’ll be my most listened artist this month?

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  3. Mayday

    Give me a name, and I'll give it's popularity ranking in the U.S

    If the name is extremely unpopular, it may not have a number.
  4. Chahee

    Appreciation Part c - Going For It

    In an attempt to understand why people do things, the field of psychotherapy has developed many models that they later found out simply weren't the case. However, many psychologists continue to hang on to them. We still have people who are looking for Ids and Egos, and they're as likely to...
  5. Chahee

    Appreciation Deadstar - A Didactic Cinquain

    by SkinnyParkChahee @deadstar Gogobebe, moomoo Swimming, existing, rolling I could never believe it Stan mamamoo
  6. Chahee

    Appreciation Daily blog part b

    @igloo changes into a meguca to save people. Ever since I met that man, I, Park Soyoung have been changing. I started working as a mod on Kpopsource forum the other day. There I met @Drug , a person becoming a meguca and someone I know who frequently comes.