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  1. M

    #staystrongRose rose mistreatment, her dad is thoughts

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  2. Faerie

    Blackpink in Western Makeup

    Blackpink is know for their diverse style and makeup from other kpop girl groups. Rather then cute they follow a more western route. Rocking the “Girl Crush” concept the girls are not a stranger to a edger style (The makeup Artist did an amazing job :sj_weary:) Here are my edits on western...
  3. Mayday

    GFX BLACKPINK's Anniversary- Roseanne

    Feedback appreciated
  4. Mayday

    Giving BLACKPINK the solo comebacks they deserve

    I got this idea from velvetmochi's video on YT, so make sure to check it out. Since Jennie already has a solo, I'm not really going to give her one. Jisoo: For the song, I was thinking of something calmer than Solo, but not soft? Something that also has that girl crush "YG" concept. Song/MV...
  5. maruberry

    An actually competent vocal coach analyses Rosé's vocals!

    This guy makes all kinds of reaction videos to singers etc and gives his opinion! He sometimes also reacts to kpop idols and the time has come for Rosé! He says how things are and doesn't really care about what fans think, he says what he hears! His conclusion: It's not good, but it isn't bad...
  6. SeulPika

    Appreciation BLACKPINK IN MY AREAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    I've been waiting a long time for the opportunity to use that as my thread title :jenniesmug: Blackpink at Wembley Arena, London. 22nd May 2019 Where to even begin on describing just how amazing this day was?... This is my second time seeing Blackpink and...
  7. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Friendship Goals

    When your biases are friends :sj_weary:
  8. Soleski

    Appreciation Jisoo is the coolest girl out there

    :pepeheart::pepeheart: poor Jennie on the other hand lol rip she is so cute
  9. Rukia

    Appreciation Baby this is what you came for

    Lightning strikes every time she moves And everybody's watching her But she's looking at you oh oh you oh oh you oh oh you oh oh you oh oh you oh ohhh ohhh
  10. SeulPika

    Rumor Show me a better video than this

    10 minutes of Rosé and Seulgi munching away :sj_weary: Is there anything more adorable to watch than these two munching away at all of that food?
  11. Discipline

    BlackPink - 'Kill This Love' MV EXPLAINED

    So, because I like, 'Kill This Love', I decided to make this thread in hopes of explaining (Hopefully) the music video behind the song. So, the song in it's entirety is about a relationship which is toxic (Possibly for both sides) and needs to be ended. There's a sense of self-awareness about...
  12. NeoSquare

    Appreciation I made this and I'm so proud

    I know that my graphics are shitty but appreciate the idea :sanapray:
  13. dooh

    MV BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

    BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V I'm so excited like never before :llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_noooo::llama_noooo::llama_noooo::llama_noooo:llama_twerkllama_twerkllama_twerk
  14. Xeulgi

    Teaser BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V Teaser!!!

    Queens coming to kill our hearts! Sounds like a bop!!!!!!
  15. VillageIdiot

    Teaser Rosé: Kill This Love

  16. Rukia

    Appreciation The stylists finally did something with Rose's hair <3

    They gave her a bow! We're getting progress :pepeheart:
  17. zodiark

    Sales BLACKPINK Charts & Sales Thread

  18. Tiffany


    Interesting in a way for me, yg seem to be giving them lots of love nowadays, they just need a full album instead of an ep.
  19. Tiffany

    Blackpink World Tour

    It seems YG has already made Blackpink their foremost money making group with this move, what do you guys think?