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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation Happy SAN Day ♥

    Happy bday from the bottom of my heart to my first ever bias wrecker!!! @Atiny
  2. Jewel

    Appreciation Some San to celebrate San month! (Also, my birth month WOO)

    (Why is San doing this challenge so damn hot?!) (He's so effing cheeky, I love it.) (Staggering seeing my two main bias wreckers together) (He's so effing HOT, this part is so damn attractive holy shit!) (Even Jongho isn't safe from San's butt attacks) @Atiny
  3. Jewel

    Appreciation San's B-day Project!

  4. Jewel

    Appreciation Someone has been making amazing Ateez edits

    Incorporating multiple members into one for The Witness era pics. It honestly blew my mind how well they went together. @Atiny
  5. RockyGoose

    San, what on Earth?

    I was just being on ATEEZ's Instagram page and then... I hope that I won't see a picture or video of Seonghwa being like this :nekoshy:
  6. RockyGoose

    Fanfiction Sadness | ATEEZ fanfic

    Sadness Yeosang is sitting on a chair in his bedroom, looking through the window. He looks at the rain dripping down on roofs and puddles. Some tears drip from his eyes to his jeans. The bedroom door opens. San walks in. "Hello, my Maltese." San says with a smile on his face. Suddenly he...
  7. RockyGoose

    I wish I was a balloon

    Okay, I kind of received kisses from Seonghwa, when I was watching that one live.
  8. victorious

    About Ateez Wooyoung's birth chart astrology

    Hey I found Wooyoung’s birth chart on tumblr And I came across this: Mars Capricorn in 4th is a hardworking and protective placement. Mars Capricorn is exalted, so Woo definitely takes his work and...
  9. Jewel

    Appreciation The difference is crazy

    I love this video so damn much. The song is perfect. @Atiny
  10. Jewel

    Appreciation I'm deceased, they are always so extra

    They were all a lil too fine in this. @Atiny
  11. Jewel

    Appreciation They truly have my heart ughhh

    It's so crazy Yeosang has to be prepared. San looking at him like "why you doing that". @Atiny
  12. Jewel

    Appreciation Omg, me and San are genuinely alike

    Not only are we both Cancers but we are also VERY similar. His b-day is 5 days before mine just in a different year. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH @Atiny
  13. Jewel

    Appreciation More Woosan

    Also, if you didn't know, they got matching tatts @Atiny
  14. Jewel

    Appreciation Not Sanhwa coming for me AGAIN

  15. Jewel

    Appreciation Woosan is another relationship

    That I wanna throw myself into the middle of @Atiny
  16. RockyGoose

    I wish I was a parrot

    I wish San would scratch my head and call me cute. :nekolove:
  17. Jewel

    Appreciation Sannie. Why?????????