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  1. RockyGoose

    Imagine that you are on a date with Seonghwa...

    You and Seonghwa are standing outside an ice cream shop on a sunny weather. Both of you are eating vanilla ice cream. "The ice cream is sweet" he says with a smile. Then he looks into your eyes. "But you're sweet too." Your cheeks turn pink like strawberry ice cream. "I also find you...
  2. RockyGoose

    I would grab his ears too

    No, I don't want his liver, I just want to grab his ears because those rabbit ears look soft lol
  3. RockyGoose

    Shame on that chair

    How dare that chair hurt Seonghwa? What did Seonghwa do to you to hit him? Shame on you, chair. #chairisoverparty #chairapologize #chairdisband BTW this thread is only a joke That chair didn't mean it.
  4. RockyGoose

    I know that in Finnish, cat is "kissa"

    and well... I would "kissa" cat Seonghwa. I mean, kissa him on the cheek. Well... I would also hug him like Hongjoong did. This thread is a bit random.
  5. RockyGoose

    Fanfiction In Love With An Ogre | Shrek fanfic

    In Love With An Ogre The goose and her roommate, Seonghwa, are sitting on the couch in her living room, watching a cooking show on TV, where a cook is making onion soup. The onions makes the goose think about when she was at the grocery store yesterday. She was at the fruits and vegetables...
  6. RockyGoose

    I'm jealous of Yeosang

    I wish that Seonghwa would say these kind of stuff to me.
  7. RockyGoose

    how to be Jongho

    Well... maybe I should change my username to "Jongho", so that I can be Jongho, just kidding.
  8. RockyGoose

    I would let him hug me to sleep

    a hug from Seonghwa would feel nice. :izhug:
  9. RockyGoose

    Help, I'm under attack /j

    He said that he was swimming with long sleeves Well... he was, but... How rude of him. :nekoshy:
  10. RockyGoose

    I wish I was a turtle

  11. RockyGoose

    Two very handsome men

    Well... Jongho is handsome too, so three very handsome men. Yes, Seonghwa and Shrek are actually dating, because they are wearing similar clothes, and I wish I was dating these two too. And now I can't unsee this either...
  12. RockyGoose

    I still wish I was that teddy bear

    It's an old Instagram post, but.... :nekolove: I wish he hugged me like that. He looks so sweet and cuddly in these pictures, like that teddy bear.
  13. RockyGoose

    Wise words said by Seonghwa

    Well... if someone says something mean to you, then I guess you should think about the good things people have said to you.
  14. RockyGoose

    Suddenly thinking about when this happened

    Well... if you know what my username on some of the other forums are, you would understand why I found this kind of funny. And this is the full video. But that part where San tried to do a taekwondo kick and the shoe flew off is so hilarious. Well... months after that video, Hongjoong saw...
  15. RockyGoose

    At My Worst

    Well... CNEMA's Kitak was covering "At My Worst" by Pink Sweat$. And that made me think of when Seonghwa also covered that song.
  16. RockyGoose

    What does it look like he is doing in the picture?

    I was thinking caressing San's adam apple... Well... this thread is very random. Check out the Rocky music video, if you haven't.
  17. RockyGoose

    Video Yunho and Seonghwa eating Spanish food

    Well... ordering stuff from a menu of a Spanish restaurant, not knowing what it is. This video makes me want to try something similar to this. I wonder if they also are going to do stuff like this in the other cities too.
  18. tomura

    bubblegum pink seonghwa

    handsome cutie awww