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    Rumor I am the second coming of Jesus!

    According to Google Maps anyway.... Apparently, I now have the ability to walk across water!! :joysip:
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    18+ Shame a simp

    Brandon...... Short back story..... I left a comment on one of George Takei's Facebook posts, and I end up with this guy snooping on my FB profile and simping after my partner..... He's got one thing right... She certainly is hot! :pepeheart: But unfortunately for wannabe alphamale...
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    Appreciation 7 years with Seulgi

    It's been 7 years to the day since Seulgi charmed our hearts with her adorable bear charms for the very first time!! :pikahappy: And our adorable bear has grown into an exceptionally beautiful and talented singer & dancer, that is adored by millions of fans from across the world...
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    Appreciation I've changed my signature!!!

    It's now December. Which means that I am getting into the Christmas spirit! And ultimately, that also means that there will finally be a change in my signature!!! :jisoosmh: Introducing my new signature....... :haylul::jenniesmug::sippinthetea:
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    Photo Seulgi x Converse [this bear should be illegal]

    Seulgi x Converse Seulgi x Converse is a match made in heaven!!! :pandalove: Just another photoshoot, and another day that I fall further in love with this bear :nekolove: @Reveluv
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    News Red Velvet - Music of the Year Daesang

    Psycho won Music of the Year (Daesang) at the 2020 Soribada Awards! This now means that Red Velvet's The Reve Festival trilogy has won a daesang for each release, as Zimzalabim, Umpah Umpah and Psycho have all won Daesangs!!
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    Appreciation Mocking the sh!tgibbon

    Watch as this cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon argues with himself in a video, that will more than likely give you a brain ache. And if you haven't yet seen the original video. Give it a watch! It is an unintentional comedy skit. That's just how much of a fuckwit, Trump is!!!
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    MV Red Velvet: SeulRene 'Naughty' MV

    You thought that the fun was over? :dubuthink: Oh no, no..... 'Monster' was only the begining... WE'RE NOW IN THE 'NAUGHTY' ERA, LUVIES!!!!!
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    News SeulRene 'Monster' 1st Win!!!!

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    Dark or Light theme?

    Good evening everyone, Seulgi's PR Ltd is back with another survey to gather feedback from the userbase, and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!!! When using KPS, which of these two themes do you use? Dark Theme? Light Theme?
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    MV Red Velvet: SeulRene - 'Monster' MV

    THE MV IS HERE!!! (Finally) SEULRENE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Give me about an hour or so to completely digest the MV!! And I'll be back after that!!!!!! :pikahappy:
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    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' MV Teaser

  13. SeulPika

    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 1st MV teasers

    THAT POWER!! THAT ENERGY!!! THAT CHARISMA!!!! THE VISUALS!!!!!! SeulRene aren't here to play around!!!!!! :sj_weary:
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    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 5th Teasers

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    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 4th teasers

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    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 3rd teasers

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    Appreciation Goodbye Netizenbuzz

    :jenniesmug: Without shitty Knet comments to translate. Netizenbuzz will whither and die :joysip:
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    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 2nd teasers + Seulgi teasers

    :nakypog: :nakypog: :jisoosmh: Oh my lord...... Fcking slay me!!!!!! :jisoosmh: Seulgi bear looks fcking amazing!!!!!!!!! :pikahappy:
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    Seulgi in Vogue UK

    We all have our thing. Some of us have more shoes than we’d care to admit, while others always wear gold hoops or are never without a trusty pair of sunglasses. Actor, singer and star of KPop band Red Velvet, Seulgi, covets handbags. Seulgi’s bag collection comprises vintage-inspired bags by...
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    News SeulRene 'Monster' album release schedule