1. Darth_berries

    News Military ordered Seungri to report for duty Feb/March, might interfere with court case

    South Korea army has sent another notice for Seungri to enlist to his military service. This is cause they were afraid that civilian court case could end up being long and Seungri might not be able to do his military duty. If Seungri ends up enlisting Feb/March as expected his case will be...
  2. amourpinks

    Discussion so what is the deal with seungri?

    I haven't kept up with this case that much, tbh it's kinda hard to see what's true and what's false because of how much news has come out. I still think hes a shit person because he (if im not wrong) admitted to knowing about the recordings, the fact he never reported it to the police tells me...
  3. lexus

    News Lawyer claims Seungri introduced Madam Jung to YG + Talks about JJY

    “On June 25, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun appeared on CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show” and revealed more information about the recent controversies surrounding Seungri, YG Entertainment, and Jung Joon Young. Bang Jung Hyun is the lawyer who helped a whistleblower submit a document to the...
  4. QueenGirlCrush

    Official YANG HYUK SUK AND PSY ALLEGDYLY MEET WITH 25 PROSITUTIES IN 2014 Just three thoughts: 1) Throw all of YG Entertainment away. Its clearly a den of corruption. 2) I feel sorry for Hyuna, Jessica, Hyo-jong and everyone associated with P-Nation...
  5. Gogije

    Discussion YGs indecisiveness is next level

    Denies Seungris involvement in Burning Sun then Seungri retires Denies B.I using drugs then B.I leaves iKon and YG Denies Hyunsuks involvement in B.Is scandal then Hyunsuk and Minsuk step down This must be why nothing gets done at YG
  6. bulletproof

    News Seungri admits to prostitution charges Unbearable my ass :kijoongstare:
  7. Darth_berries

    News [UPDATE] Police requests arrest warrant for Seungri

    Source: Police Request Pretrial Detention Warrants For Seungri And Yoo In Suk Police requested arrest warrant today for Seungri and Yoo In-Suk (Yuri Holding's CEO) on accounts of mediation of prostitution and embezzlement. If the arrest warrant is accepted by the court both of the suspects will...
  8. MochiFace

    Discussion Do you think Seungri share dirty picture of Blackpink member on his chat group ?

    :pandamad::pandamad::pandamad::pandamad::pandamad::pandamad: can u imagine if he really did something like this :O :pandamad::pandamad::pandamad::pandamad:
  9. MochiFace

    Discussion YG will make bankrupt

    Because Seungri scandal was too big plus with tax evasion controversy of YG Parents will not let their kids be trainee in YG because they'll be afraid that they start to become drug addict or in a sex scandal Artist will not sign with yg anymore because they don't want to see their name link to...
  10. Darth_Felflame

    News Seungri getting only 2-3 years

    Well... what to say This is so shitty i think I liked Seungri but after hearing everything and it being proven correct, and them deleting evidence and hiding it from the police I have nothing more to say... i just think the law isn't fair It's a similar situation where I'm from... people do sht...
  11. LeeHoseok

    News Seungri & Yoo In Suk booked for embezzlement

    Seems like they just keep finding more and more.
  12. joshuaology

    News Police Conduct Search And Seizure On Homes Of Choi Jong Hoon And 2 Officers Accused Of Taking Bribes

    Well finally these people are doing SOMETHING
  13. joshuaology

    News Seungri admits to spreading hidden camera footage but denies filming

    How are you gonna defend him now? The police provided more details on allegations of Seungri engaging in the sharing of illegally taken footage. On March 28, the police announced that they booked Seungri for charges of sharing illegally taken footage. At the time, the police specified that...
  14. NeoSquare

    News The controversial behavior of Seungri, JJY and Choi Jonghoon

    Grosss Source
  15. WhiteWadeWilson

    Discussion (POLL) IF Seungri back to BIGBANG?

    WIll you guys (mainly VIPs) still accepts him wholeheartedly or not? lets say in couple years after the incident toned down a bit...either if he is proven innocent or not...the dirty chat will always be there though... this: or this:
  16. taemkitten

    News Costume Shop Literally Asking for Seungri's Receipts

    Yet another thing that Seungri has stated in conjunction to elements being brought up of past behavior, words, images and the like are being disputed by those he names have involvement - this time, the costume shop he directly stated by name having lent him a police uniform costume seen in...
  17. QueenGirlCrush


    So a respected journalist program in SK ran a documentary about the Burining Sun criminal case.They have been working on this case for months or even a year, before the story broke. AsianJunkie was kind enough to sum it up & translate it. It is a long read but worth it. All I have to say is...
  18. joshuaology

    News Seungri declares himself "Victim" in an interview, claims he tried to stop JJY

    Warning: Super duper long post ahead Seungri had an exclusive in-depth interview with Joseon Ilbo on March 22, where he personally talked about the scandal surrounding him and Burning Sun. He talked about Burning Sun, Yuri Holdings, members of the chatroom including Jung Joon Young and Choi...