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  1. Ozymandias

    Trading IZ*ONE Hyewon for trade!!

    Looking for any of these: IOI: Nayoung, Mina, Somi T-ara: Anybody except Hyomin and Ahreum Loona: Haseul, Yves or Olivia Blackpink: Jennie Other GG cards will be also accepted as long as they aren't super common. Maybe a few SuperM/NCT cards too. EDIT: Taemin has been traded!! Hyewon still...
  2. PrideInBaek

    News SHINee to reportedly make a comeback

    SHINee's back!:lovelycooky:
  3. milk

    Appreciation A-yo by SHINee

    One of my favorite shinee songs from one of my favorite albums :sakUwu: if you haven't added it to your spotify playlist, do it now!
  4. Ozymandias

    MV SMTown (Taeyeon, Suju, TVXQ, Kangta, Baekhyun, Kai, Taemin, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM, Aespa) - '빛 (Hope)' official MV

    All of SMTown came together for this song and it's such a beautiful way to start the year :maheart: From 1st gen legend and SM director Kangta of H.O.T to TVXQ, Suju, SNSD Taeyeon, Shinee Taemin, EXO Baekhyun and Kai, RV, NCT, SuperM and Aespa :sanapray: BoA and the remaining SNSD, EXO, Shinee...
  5. Ozymandias

    News SMTown Live "Culture Humanity" online concert will be broadcasted FREE on January 1st, 1pm KST

    SMTown is coming to us on New Year's free :nakypog: Ngl, this is unexpected but certainly welcome lol. Article link: SM 측 "1월 1일 온라인 콘서트 무료 중계, 태연→레드벨벳 출연"(공식) Basically almost every SM act will be appearing except BoA, Shinee (except Taemin), SNSD Oh!GG (except Taeyeon) and EXO (except...
  6. Ozymandias

    News Oh My Girl performing T-ara Sexy Love, Itzy performing T-ara Roly Poly, SKZ doing 2PM My House and TXT doing Shinee Sherlock on SBS Gayo

    Can’t wait holy shit :sj_weary: Also SKZ doing My House yay :sanapray: idk that Rain song unfortunately. Hearing rumors TXT might do Shinee Sherlock as well I’ll update if I see it. Anticipate :pepeheart: @Miracle @Midzy @Stay @Atiny @Moa
  7. milk

    Appreciation Shinee's choreography >>>

    so impressive and synchronized.... come through dance gods :junweary:
  8. RandAlThor

    Discussion Yerim one of the very few 3rd gen idols

    that can be huggy clingy with bg members. You can tell they are real friends. Hopefully subs soon.
  9. Jimin

    Appreciation Taemin and Jimin duo

    I wish we had more moments like these. I absolutely fucking loved this so much. Kings :pepeheart:
  10. RandAlThor

    Interview Key and Yeri this week !!!

    i am so addicted.
  11. Jimin

    Appreciation SNL SHINee will never get old

  12. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Wake Up Bruh

    17 Mil ..... Yeah. Y'all slept on this song..
  13. raymondchouku

    Discussion K-Pop Alarm

    What songs do you think are good to wake up for or have you used as an alarm? I have had two songs in the past as my alarms:
  14. Emanresu

    Audio The Most Epic Collab Of All Time

    The Most Epic Collab Of All Time Words can't express how much I love this song. Epically cool. Haunting. With that signature mix of FX punkish cute feminine swagger. All with masculine SHINEE to complete the package. The central vocal trade off between the two groups the hook that...
  15. Emanresu

    Audio A Beautiful Song

    A Beautiful Song One of my favorites.
  16. RandAlThor

    Appreciation One company put all these acts on stage.

    SM town 2011-14 gonna be hard to top that. love em or hate em that is a boat load of crazy stars 2014 is a pita since they are all fan cams thus specific focus and bad ones at that...
  17. Tickita

    Thoughts Name the Dance Move [3]

  18. Ozymandias

    Performance Throwback Thursday- the golden era of YG Entertainment

    Anyone remember the YG Family days? BigBang, 2NE1, Epik High, Se7en, Gummy, Psy :umjicry: Seems like such a distant memory now lol. Anyway, this is from MBC Korean Music Festival 2012, basically a Gayo. Look at this performance- 2NE1 and Lee Hi codallabing in a way, BigBang closing it off...
  19. Abeamus

    News Taemin preparing for a comeback

    The report that prompted this response said March
  20. maruberry

    Discussion SuperM members summarized

    Mark: hugs and fanboying Lucas: Laughs, fanboys and is really shy Ten: Being his normal Diva Ten self (Prolly used to a gazillion languages and new set of members every year) Taeyong: UwU, excited, happy to not be the mom for once Kai: Talks a lot, REALLY likes Lucas + is really caring Baekhyun...