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sm ent.

  1. Jewel

    Appreciation SMTOWN LIVE 2023 : SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA

    💗Free Online Concert💗 SMTOWN LIVE 2023 : SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA ➫ 2023.01.01 1PM KST 🕛 12PM (KST) ➫ SM Sustainability Forum 🕐 1PM (KST) ➫ SMTOWN LIVE 2023 : SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA 🎥 Live on SMTOWN YouTube SMTOWN LIVE 2023 : SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA - YouTube And Beyond LIVE / idolplus / TikTok /...
  2. maruberry

    SM should adopt Seventeen

    Seventeen is just an SM group in disguise! I pray every day for SM to adopt them, or even better.... Label SJ! The whole groups is really close to Super Junior JunHao are really close to NCT's China-line Hoshi is a SHINee fanboy and close with Key Mingyu is friends with Jaehyun and I am sure...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Aespa vocals are sent straight from the heavens

    All others watch out, Aespa's vocals are coming for your ass! 4 main vocals in one group! If you just heard their songs you would not even CONSIDER any of them actually being a rapper! God damn ALL of them could be a main vocal in MOST groups that's how amazing they are! SM did not disappoint!
  4. maruberry

    NCT's dorm auntie

    In one of the videos where NCT 127's messy dorm was making house rules, they mention an Auntie who from context seems to clean around the dorms like once a week or smth like that... I've made a thread about this auntie before as well
  5. maruberry

    What are your hopes/expectations for SMNGG?

    like the titles says! For me..... I think there is like a 0,00000000001% chance of this happening.... But even though I first said it as a meme, I would actually love for the group to have 3 members! As for concept, I would love a cute but creepy concept, maybe smth Alice in Wonderland-esque...
  6. maruberry

    A theory I have about SM

    I think SM will only kick out a member of their group if the members agree. The reason I first started thinking about it, is bcs when they made an announcement about Chen, they mentioned that they took the wishes of the EXO members into account. Which also insinuates that if EXO members wanted...
  7. maruberry

    News Chen Anti's got permission from the police to protest against Chen in front of SM building.

    Please report and block this account.
  8. maruberry

    Hopes for the groups SM is gonna debut this year

    So we are supposed to be getting a new GG and 2 (?) new BG's this year from SM.... What do you expect and/or hope from them? This is what I would want: I want one of the BG's to be a new NCT unit and the other to be a separate one. I want the GG to have 7 members. Don't ask me why, I just do...
  9. maruberry

    News WayV is going to be at MAMA

    Bitch did SM really pull a move like that! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I mean fuck MAMA and fuck Mnet, but fucking hell good for WayV!
  10. maruberry

    Teaser SM New Dimension GBM [No idea what it is, but I'm excited]

    Maybe a new group? New NCT unit? New EXO unit?
  11. maruberry

    SM didn't go to America, America came to SM

    I heard SM were supposed to be desperate for America's attention or smth!
  12. maruberry

    News Hopes for an OT7 EXO comeback exist [Yixing in Korea, spotted at SM]

    Don't mind my delulu ass, this happens every time before an EXO comeback.
  13. maruberry

    News SuperM will be collaborating with Marvel

    I hope this tweet won't get deleted! Anyways, I already respect SM a lot, my respect has grown even more!
  14. maruberry

    News ignore this

  15. maruberry

    News SM is operating on a deficit

    But... but... I LIKE the artium...
  16. maruberry

    JYP has turned into what SM used to be at their worst

    They are falling into the same trap SM used to be in. A group is ultra-successful so let us milk them for everything they have, until they physically cannot anymore and then let us milk them some more. SM did that with EXO and JYP is now at that point with Twice. I very much doubt JYP will...
  17. JakeyWantsCakey

    News [CONFIRMED] NCT 127 & Ava Max Will Collaborate

    It's been confirmed by the release of the above teaser that NCT 127 will collaborate with American singer-songwriter, Ava Max on a remix of her hit song, So Am I! The Original Song:
  18. maruberry

    Why I am an SM stan

    Being an SM stan is a tough life... But I can't help it! I) I trusts SM when it comes to music! I trust them to give me music I will like and I trust them to debut groups who will have music I will like! II) I think SM knows what the fuck they are doing when training their idols! They are...
  19. maruberry

    What if SM sent a trainee on a produce show?

    We all know this would never happen! but why not imagine this for a moment? I think the moment they walk onto the screen the expectations would be HUGE. I imagine SM would never let anybody go and represent their company in a show like that if they were not A class. The trainers and the other...
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation If these are the next Dreamies I am already in love!

    I was looking through the pictures taken of the SM trainees... And OH MY GOSH! This one is definetly a potential Dreamie and a candidate for Maknae! I am in love! Look how small and cute and just adorable he is! He looks so cute and he also has the classic SM look to him! How old is he I want to...