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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation Returning to wild hip-hop NCT 127's Spotify Quiz 💟

    @NCTzen @NCT 127
  2. seoriverse

    the holy trinity of vocals

    while we're on the smtown topic, everyone here needs to give my girls boa, wendy & ningning a listen on their ballad time after time. they served gorgeous vocals just like i expected and they deserves a lot of appreciation for it.
  3. bunnyviolet

    Performance SMTown - 'Zoo' dance practice

    @NCTzen @My This is also the choreo Taeyoung made with Bada Lee and other dancers and not the real practice, but the choreo is still amazing!
  4. bunnyviolet

    New MV SMTown 'Hope From Kwangya' MV

  5. bunnyviolet

    Teaser SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Teaser

  6. RandAlThor

    Sm rookies.... from a while back.

    Happy birthday Seulgi yes i want cake. fun stuff that showed up in my recos.
  7. RandAlThor

    Ok this was interesting (sm pop rank)cant speak to total accuracy

    since i have no clue what they based it on. but some observation. Wow fx never had relative popularity compared to the other groups. TVXQ as 5 were nuts then 2 happened and they never hit those numbers. SNSD only knocked off by a hyper rising EXO EXO are monsters..
  8. Darkseid

    What is wrong with SM Entertainment?

    Hyoyeon's Dessert MV ft. Loopy and (G)-Idle's Soyeon was supposed to drop today, same time as Somi. Yet again, there was no MV without any explanation at the time, and SM took like 30 minutes to respond with a halfassed explanation, from SNSD Official Twitter, not even SMTown :nayeonisdone...
  9. RandAlThor

    Appreciation One company put all these acts on stage.

    SM town 2011-14 gonna be hard to top that. love em or hate em that is a boat load of crazy stars 2014 is a pita since they are all fan cams thus specific focus and bad ones at that...
  10. NeoSquare

    News SMTOWN Coex Artium temporarily closed and investigated

    Because They have a cockroach problem... Can't believe YG visited them. He was caught on tape too. (under Yuta's chair) I SWEAR TO GOD I WISH THIS WAS MADE UP BUT EVEN MY STUPID HUMOR HAS LIMITS I'LL LAUGH IN A CORNER FOR A FEW HOURS NOW
  11. Darkseid

    Comeback Kim Heechul X Lee Soogeun of Knowing Bros- White Winter (ft. ITZY), 2019 SMTOWN Winter

    Source: Soompi The third track for SM Entertainment’s “STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter (2019 SMTOWN Winter)” project has been announced! Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Lee Soo Geun will be collaborating for the release of “White Winter.” The upcoming single is a remake of a ’90s Korean song of the...
  12. maruberry

    Performance OT3 F(x) performance at SMtown concert

    Lachata and Electric shock This is what everybody's reaction should be. Fanchants while crying.
  13. PrideInBaek

    News F(x) is coming...

    cry with me :yolk: RIP TO THE ORIGINAL TWEET The tweet said f(x) will perform as a full group for the first time in over 3 years at SMTOWN in Tokyo, August 3-5 Amber also confirmed this on her appearance on MBN variety 'HoonMaenJungEum'“정말 오래 기다렸다”... 4년만에 완전체 떡밥으로 팬들 난리 난...
  14. baekhyunUWU

    News EXO release their new lightstick (ver.3) for EXplØration Tour. It's the most beautiful you will ever see! it is rechargeable The battery pack is separate : (swip to the side)
  15. baekhyunUWU


    Instiz: SM finally lets out their rising solo idol K-netizens' comments : - Heol he will go solo? Daebak finally - This guy finally goes solo… is this confirmed? - Heol I have been waiting since last year. - I’m curious what genre he will do. - I really like Baekhyun-nim’s voice ㅠㅠ I’m...
  16. baekhyunUWU

    Sales Gaon 2019 Best selling SM artists

    details : Chen >>>> your and my favs But stream Love Shot too
  17. VillageIdiot

    SMTOWN Stans...

    Rank this on a scale of 1 to complete bullshit [PLANS] Existing/Planned Duo-Units for SM’s Groups: #NCT U (Taeyong x Ten) #FX (Luna xAmber) #EXO (Chanyeol x Sehun) (?) #RedVelvet (Seulgi x Irene or Wendy) #GirlsGeneration (Yoona x Sunny)
  18. kingtae

    Photo Irene sexy vibes (SM Town Chile)

  19. MochiFace

    SM slave contract

    Domestic physical album sales: 50,000-100,000 copies= 2% 100,000-200,000 copies= 3% +200,000 copies= 5% Digital album/mp3 sales profit: 10% SM Entertainment gives an incentive of 50 million KRW when they reach over 500,000 albums sold, and 100 million when over 1 million albums are sold...