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  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Open Mind Is A (Won)Hoe Anthem!!!

    Like it's basically just a song about how he'll be as kinky as you want for one night and then yeet you in the morning! lol
  2. maruberry

    Discussion I'm so nervous about Kai's solo

    I'm scared to my bones that I won't like it I'm sacred it'll be like confession.... I just really want to truly love it with my whole heart and soul y'know I'm begging to all the gods I believe in (mainly Kai) that the solo will resemble I see You and not Confession..... Talking about I see...
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Interview This was hilarious!

    This was so funny! I really love Jessi!
  4. maruberry

    News EXO's Kai reportedly preparing for a solo debut

  5. QueenB

    Teaser Woodz 'Love Me Harder' MV Teaser

    Sounds good so far and looks like it'll be a jekyll & hyde themed mv
  6. Ozymandias

    Discussion Movie Review- Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Directed by: Ron Howard Cast: Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, Paul Bettany. After the Rogue One spinoff movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story marks the second installment in the Star Wars extended universe under Disney, and acts as an...
  7. NeoSquare

    News YG's plans for their current backbone group

    Rosé solo in September Lisa solo prepared Jisoo in the works BlackPink full album in September So basically they'll cram Rosé's long awaited solo and the long awaited album in 1 month And knowing it's YG, we'll get BP comeback in 2026 :pandahappy:
  8. Mayday

    GFX 🥂「Jisoo Solo Debut Idea - MY WAY」🥂

    Just an idea. Vote in the poll above if you guys want me to continue this. (Check out my Lisa one here)
  9. NeoSquare

    Teaser Taeyong teased yet another song on V Live

    Last time he teased Long Flight and GTA (not officially released yet but he performs it) We are also waiting on a HQ release of Beautiful. He also teased a song called Lit (which had Mark in it as well) and he is working together with KOCCA Fashion and they play a song on the clips with his...
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Kai new solo song [HELP HE IS KILLING ME!}

    He has a new solo song at Exploration dot... and... I... fuck me... I... FUCK I HATE HIM SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! HOW.... HOW is he so god damn FUCKING PERFECT? His voice??? Is dancing??? HOW!!??? I am gonna be honest I wasn't feeling Confession as much as a song, but THIS???!!!! THIS MASTERPIECE...
  11. Mayday

    GFX Giving Irene the solo debut she deserved

    Release Date: April 03, 2020 Album Cover: Song: Comeback Stage: Hairstyle for CB Stage:
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation knetz are falling in love with my baby [Give Woozi a solo album now]

    What kind of future is really the queen of all songs! It is criminal there is no studio version of it released! :bigcatcry: I need a full solo album for Woozi, because his voice and songs are so beautiful!
  13. maruberry

    Discussion Imagine the clownery if SM releases both SuperM and Kai solo this year

    I just had this idea. Since most EXO-Ls against this idea are screaming about them wanting Kai's solo album and not SuperM... What if SM had Kai debut solo this year aswell? I can just IMAGINE The clowns that would result from that!
  14. Mayday

    Discussion Giving BLACKPINK the solo comebacks they deserve

    I got this idea from velvetmochi's video on YT, so make sure to check it out. Since Jennie already has a solo, I'm not really going to give her one. Jisoo: For the song, I was thinking of something calmer than Solo, but not soft? Something that also has that girl crush "YG" concept. Song/MV...
  15. MissMiss

    Teaser Jinu - Concept Video #1

  16. kingtae

    Photo Taeyeon looks amazing in her new jpn. album !

    Taeyeon is sucha goddess <3 Choose your favorite outfit :p
  17. maruberry

    Appreciation I used to think overalls were safe

    At least when Kai wore them! He always looked so good in them, but then today... Today... He just had to bitchslap me and tell me how wrong I was! Like yesterday his outfit for his solo was just... dreadful... but How does one go from this: To god damn THIS
  18. maruberry

    Performance Suho's solo outsold Kai's

    I was watching it and DAMN... Kai's is good, but SUHO! HOLY DAMN SUHO! The way his clothers are literally RIPPED OFF HIM! I love it, I love it, I love it and it also helps that Been through is my favorite song from that album! That choreo is so emotional and just BEAUTIFUL! He looks stunning...
  19. maruberry

    Performance Hello Kai solo and abs

    not gonna lie, I don't like the outfit, but those abs are yummy! (Also those pants tho...) The song sounds so amazing aswell, I really like it! + THe choreo... I've got no words... 🤤
  20. PrideInBaek

    Teaser Baekhyun's City Lights Tracklist + Highlight Medley

    Psycho :sj_weary::jisoosmh: I'm a hoe for Psycho