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  1. Moguri

    Photo Chaeyoung and Somi April Fools date

    She wrote: "April Fool's date, it's almost our 11th year..." I'm not sure if that means they are doing april fools dates for 11 yeras, but its a cool tradition if its true :yoohyeonhi: @Once @Sommungchi
  2. S

    News Somi has launched her own makeup brand GLYF

    GLYF was inspired by ancient hieroglyphics. Like ancient hieroglyphics with different shapes and meanings, I hope people can interpret my cosmetics in their own way and freely express their own beauty and individuality. I expressed it stylishly by changing only the PH to YF. From brand concept...
  3. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Somi got all the IOI members to send her a Happy Christmas New years greeting.

    this is fun!! Time marked at teh end of her v log.
  4. N

    New MV Bop or Flop - JEON SOMI Fast Forward

    It's been just over a week or so now, what do you think?
  5. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Eunbi and Somi not letting Yoon slide.

    lol they were so fast.
  6. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi x Nayeon - Fast Forward Dance Challenge

    Somi is so full of love these days :nekolove: @Once @Somi
  7. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi x Chaeyoung - Fast Forward Dance Challenge

    Besties for life :catsip: @Once @Somi
  8. Moguri

    Video Chaeryeong & Yuna with Somi - CAKE dance challenge

    Always nice to see Somi witz Itzy, being reminded what could have been :blush2: @Midzy @Somi
  9. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi with Nayeon & Chaeyoung

    Super cuties :nekolove: :nekolove: @Once @Somi
  10. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi kissed Hyuna..

    :passcodea::passcodea::passcodea: (second clip) Wish I was Hyuna :llama_BLEED:
  11. Moguri

    Video Bam Bam with Somi @ Bam House Episode 12

    Very fun :llama_squish: @Somi
  12. frocho

    Appreciation 🍁Who is your favorite Canadian K-pop Idol? 🍁

    Who is your favorite Canadian K-pop Idol? *I apologize if I forgot any, I tried to get as much as I knew and could find*
  13. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi is a cute bunny too!

    :llama_squish: :llama_squish: :llama_squish:
  14. Puddles

    Appreciation SOMI! HOLY SHI-

  15. RandAlThor

    lol these kids need a mom...

    i am cracking up here.
  16. Yerichu

    New MV JEON SOMI-BIRTHDAY (Special Live)

  17. Myth

    Performance SOMI - 'Anymore' band live concert

  18. OnlyCalB

    Performance Somi 'XOXO' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.11.21]

    Somi @ SBS Inkigayo 21.11.21 'XOXO'