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  1. S

    Audio Supercarry (Feat. Soyeon) [League of Legends song]

  2. centen

    New MV Make your Legend - SUPERCARRY (Feat. SOYEON of (G)I-DLE) | SEASON 2023 - League of Legends

    I hope we get a version without the background noise of the game, but Soyeon delivering as per usual.
  3. alo

    Appreciation let's appreciate the idol producers of kpop!

    talk about your favourite idol producers in kpop (and drop a few songs of theirs)! i'll start: woozi (svt): my man. he's written so many different songs that i love, for his group and even for other artists! boa (soloist): what a queen. what an actual queen. i really wonder why she's left...
  4. alo

    appreciate an idol you don't really stan/ult, but still adore!

    for me, i'll have to go with jeon soyeon of (g)-idle! she's honestly an excellent leader to her members, and i admire her raw talent, and resilience. she's done so much in her career, she's honestly a lion in this industry. she's produced bops after bops (tomboy getting closer and closer...
  5. yamazaki

    soyeon in hot pink

    she is so gorgeous and I love the edge she has to her fashion n outfits !!
  6. ManduBun

    New MV Ravi feat. Soyeon - ANI

    @Starlight @Neverland
  7. OnlyCalB

    Somi & Soyeon 'Dumb Dumb' #Shorts

    Somi & Soyeon 'Dumb Dumb' #Shorts
  8. OnlyCalB

    Performance Soyeon 'Beam Beam' @ Mnet M Countdown [21.0.729]

    Soyeon @ Mnet M Countdown 21.0.729 'Beam Beam'
  9. OnlyCalB

    Performance Jeon Soyeon 'Beam Beam' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.07.18]

    Jeon Soyeon @ SBS Inkigayo 21.07.18 'Beam Beam'
  10. OnlyCalB

    Performance Jeon Soyeon 'Beam Beam' @ MBC Show Music Core [21.07.17]

    Jeon Soyeon @ MBC Show Music Core 21.07.17 'Beam Beam'
  11. OnlyCalB

    (G)I-DLE - I-TALK #88, Soyeon's 'BEAM BEAM' filming behind

    (G)I-DLE - I-TALK #88, Soyeon's 'BEAM BEAM' filming behind
  12. OnlyCalB

    Performance Jeon Soyeon 'BEAM BEAM' @ Mnet M Countdown [21.07.08]

    Jeon Soyeon @ Mnet M Countdown 21.07.08 'BEAM BEAM'
  13. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance SOYEON feat. BIBI - 'Is this bad b****** number?' | [DF LIVE]

    SOYEON feat. BIBI - 'Is this bad b****** number?' | [DF LIVE] @Neverland
  14. LoveYooShaSha

    JEON SOYEON 'Weather' + Interview • VOGUE KOREA 8PM CONCERT

    JEON SOYEON 'Weather' + Interview • VOGUE KOREA 8PM CONCERT @Neverland
  15. OnlyCalB

    Jeon Soyeon's Triple Identity

    Jeon Soyeon's Triple Identity
  16. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Laboum - Journey to Atlantis (2021 ver.) (ESQUIRE Korea Live)

    Laboum - Journey to Atlantis (2021 ver.) (ESQUIRE Korea Live) @Latte
  17. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation (G)I-DLE - 'Hwaa' (Chinese Ver.) • behind recording video

    (G)I-DLE - 'HWAA' (Chinese Ver.) • (여자)아이들 - '(火/花)' 녹음 비하인드' Behind recording video @Neverland
  18. OnlyCalB

    Performance (G)I-DLE 'HWAA' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.01.31]

    (G)I-DLE @ SBS Inkigayo 21.01.31 'HWAA'
  19. OnlyCalB

    Performance (G)I-DLE 'HWAA' @ MBC Show Music Core [21.01.30]

    (G)I-DLE @ MBC Show Music Core 21.01.30 'HWAA' Choreography Cam