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  1. Heesoo

    Reply and I’ll give you an athlete!

    Exactly as the title says 🤭 you can be detailed too! (So if you want an athlete from America or England, whichever sport too, etc) :)
  2. Misakii

    What’s your favourite winter sport?

    Skating and skiing :sanapray:
  3. Juniper

    What sport do you think is the hardest to learn?

    Which sport do you think is the hardest? Why?
  4. lily

    When did you start playing sports?

    I played in some kids soccer league, then stopped. Then did table tennis for a bit during high school
  5. lily

    If you can pick only one sports to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Figure skating is the only sports I enjoy watching :excitedmarch:Other ones I am fine with not watching at all :TechiNod:
  6. Heesoo

    What’s your hockey position

    Number No Socks: 00’s Blue Socks: 10’s Green Socks: 20’s Orange Socks: 30’s Red Socks: 40’s Yellow Socks: 50’s Purple Socks: 60’s Pink Socks: 70’s White Socks: 80’s Black Socks: 90’s Designed Socks: Odd Number No Designed Socks: Even Number - Position Red Shirt: Left Defense (LD) Black...
  7. RandAlThor

    Wow i was looking at an irene feed.

    That is a punch.
  8. RainbowDevil

    Why is only the NBA interesting curretly (out of sports)

    I've literally heard nothing from every other sport, and it's not for a lack of searching. I've heard about gold, the nfl, tennis too and other stuff but everything is so damn boring rn... The most interesting thing about the Superbowl is The Weeknd performing :yes: So yea, sports are dead in...
  9. bulletproof

    Can you do splits?

    Can you do splits? Or are you close to do splits?
  10. SHlNEE

    **✿❀ Sports you Hate ❀✿**

    WHAT SPORTS DO YOU NOT LIKE TO PLAY AT ALL? WHY? I don't like to play football/soccer or volleyball or swimming , though swimming itself is nice but it's other facts meh
  11. saebomss

    £150,0000 for Eriksen

    no actual idea if any of you watch football/know of spurs Tottenham hotspurs are offering Christian Eriksen a £150,000 per-week contract to persuade him to stay in the football club. Eriksen said he was interested in Real Madrid or Man United after stating he wanted to "try something new"...