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stan loona

  1. kiki

    In honour of pride month

    Here are some of my top k-songs that have queer representation bcs we're all gay in this household:sippinthetea: starting off with the queen herself Seori, Lovers in the night is probably one of my most listened to tracks ever, its amazing fr she has two mvs that have queer couples in them...
  2. Skinnny

    What is your favorite...

    anime of all time? And what's the reason that it's allowed to claim that spot? Do you find some flaws in the said anime too and if yes, what are they?
  3. xdreamsandflames

    💫 lack of impressive bridges in kpop 2020 💫

    in my opinion, i feel like the only good/valid/ones that i liked kpop bridges so far this year (in title tracks only) have been loona's so what, everglow's dun dun, weki meki's dazzle dazzle and apink's dumhdurum, or high-note-wise, nako's highnote in fiesta and jungkook's in on. (at least...
  4. kuro

    the forum is kinda dead

    .....sooooooo you should stan heejin
  5. potato

    Appreciation I've become Loona trash

    Not even 2 weeks ago, I wasn't into LOONA at all. I had heard only a few songs which I had liked but not enough to stan. The only thing I pretty much knew about LOONA was their fandom. I'm not sure quite what happened (I think it was mainly @la_mort_pour_vous and @Skinnny's fault) but I've...
  6. Abeamus

    Which hit song was a bside that became more popular than the title?

    As i'm bored and wanna test your knowledge :pandatea: you do need to get the song I am thinking of though.
  7. yeji

    Appreciation Loona clowning each other

    Loona are just hilarious. Our meme girls deserve more love!
  8. Abeamus

    You're all flops

    I haven't posted about voting on these polls 87,539,426 times for you to just ignore them, I posted about it cause this is how I choose the order of the tournaments :pandamad: Boy Group Poll Girl Group Poll Soloist Poll
  9. Abeamus

    Answer this question to win my DP for a week

    Which kpop group had a situational member? You gotta get the one I am thinking of :pandatea:
  10. Abeamus

    Intro It's a me, Kiseki

    Since I didn't do an introduction before what better time than to do one now I'm a 22 year old male and into challenging myself and my sanity with difficult gaming challenges which my current one is Level 1 Critical Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm also from England and I am 6ft tall and apart from kpop I...
  11. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 "FUN FACTORY" MV Teaser 1!

  12. noir

    Best LOOΠΔ SubUnit?

    Starting off strong with... LOOΠΔ 1/3 LOONA 1/3 was the first subunit to be introduced into the loonaverse, debuting on March 17th, 2017. The members in this subunit includes (from LEFT to RIGHT on the picture above) ViVi, HeeJin, HaSeul, and HyunJin. Debut MV - Love&Live: Debut Mini Album -...
  13. Abeamus

    News Oh My Girl 2nd album jacket photos released

    Anticipate it July 3rd
  14. noir

    Best LOOΠΔ Solo Predebut Song? pt.1

    This will be a tournament-style thread comparing LOONA's pre-debut songs Maximum voting is 3 good luck choosing Enjoy~ (and lemme know if you want tags for the next thread) Starting off with... HeeJin with “ViViD” HyunJin with “Around You” HaSeul with “Let Me In” YeoJin with “Kiss Later”...
  15. Abeamus

    Favourite 2019 bsides

    What are your favourite bsides of the year so far? My top 3 would be in no particular order
  16. Abeamus

    What kind of threads are you interested in?

    Since people are talking about making the forum more active, I thought we could maybe start by seeing what kind of threads people like :pepelook: It's usually easier to peak my interest with music threads but I do look into some of the general threads too
  17. perhapz

    I'm so happy right now

    Half of the fromis_9 members changed their hair. Almost 8 months after Love Bomb. They are definitely coming back. Expect their announce on Kcon Japan in a few days. And expect me spamming the shit out of fromis_9 content here if it happens. :sakUwu:
  18. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, Chaeyoung (fromis_9)! 🧡

    Happy birthday to our talented member and variety show queen, Lee Chaeyoung! 🧡🧡🧡 Random Flover taglist:
  19. perhapz

    Photo Chuu x Gyuri filming a drama together

    There's been some reports (and photos around Twitter) confirming that Loona's Chuu and fromis_9's Gyuri are filming a webdrama. Here's a photo of those two cuties together, probably in one of the filming sites: Loona x fromis_9 collab, when? :pandalove: