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stan nct

  1. maruberry

    If getting into NCT seems too daunting to you, this thread is for you

    I very very often say they like NCT's music, but are too spooked by the amount of members to properly look into it. So here I am to tell you why the 23 members really isn't as tough as you imagine it to be! For one.... you don't HAVE to stan all the units! Nevermind tackling them all at once...
  2. Haolat

    Why you should stan NCT

    I see that a lot of you refuse to stan GODS of kpop PLEASE GET URSELVES CHECKED Here's a list of reasons for why YOU should stan these babies 1. It's the only group where you dont have to know all the members' name, and u can get away with it. 2. By stanning them you get a once in...
  3. mysteric

    So Boom is almost at 5million

    stream Boom Anyways, idk if it’s been said before, but what’s your favourite part of the MV? Also, Boom has been trending in Canada for a while now (dropped to 5) so how is it doing where you are? Peace out y’all, mysteric
  4. Mayday

    Your opinions on Let's Shut Up and Dance with NCT 127 and Lay?

    Honestly, I really didn't like it. Now, if you know me from AKP, you know how much I love NCT. Period. No question about it. Honestly, this song in my opinion was just messy. Of course, no bashing those who made the song, props to them, honestly, but...?? The song was very repetitive, and the...
  5. chvnle

    should i change my username?

    the title says it all everyone always says i should just change my user to chenle but idk i need advice
  6. chvnle

    A Chvnle Anon

    Uh yeah, this is new I need to get my posts up, im struggling, thus i made an anon :sanapray: Don't be afraid to ask! Click here for the anon!
  7. chvnle

    chenles birthday

    chenle's birthday is exactly in 10 days, im gonna bust all my uwus hes growing so fast, im emo :pepecry1:
  8. chvnle

    Game The last thing you pasted?

    heres mine lol: theres no rules, just make sure it follows the guidelines!
  9. chvnle

    ask yours truly

    ask me anything, don't be afraid to ask something :yolk: ill be quoting you guys soon, hopefully i get some good questions :zoomeyes:
  10. noticemesenpai04


    FINALLY, AFTER A YEAR OF BEING AN NCTZEN, I GOT MY FIRST NCT ALBUM! previously, i only owned a bts album (ly: her, o version) MY FRIEND GOT ME A "WE GO UP" ALBUM AND I GOT A JENO PHOTOCARD LDSJSDLKJDS i'd link photos but my phone died before i could take them so :') my babies looked so good...
  11. chvnle

    Thoughts on NCT 127's New Comeback?

    Hey guys! I'm back with a thread to talk about NCT, obviously lmao. I personally love the latin feel to it. Also taeyong and mark came for my wig which i did NOT appreciate. But what are your thoughts on the new comeback? Let me know! And if you haven't already seen it, go watch it now!
  12. Nia_NCTZenlt3

    Intro Hey y'all I'm Nia

    Hey guys Im Nia I'm new here I'm also on allkpop with the same username so if you wanna know more about me just ask