stray kids

  1. marublade

    Appreciation Stray Kids realizing they revealed too much

    Them realizing they shouldn't have said it and then immidetly trying to explain it to sound more normal than what they said it was... I swear in 10 years they will be SuJu levels of chaotic!
  2. marublade

    Appreciation Stray Kids are gay af

    Gay and LGBT supporters! How do I know this? Well at a recent fansign, a fan asked Felix what his ideal type was. His answer? "Male or female?" They even attended pride parade in NY! Hyunjin also was found to be reading a lesbian romance book! On top of that wearing clothes that support...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation The more I listen to it... The more I like Stray kids's Side effects

    This song is actually... Lowkey genius? not even kidding! They used Felix's voice so amazingly well, the utalized their rappers perfectly aswell and now that I am thinking about it... It's also a highkey bop! not to mention that it's performance is LEGENDARY! This song deserves a win on the...
  4. marublade

    Appreciation Stray Kids know how to do covers

    Stray kids REALLY do the best covers in kpop! They take the songs and make it into their own style and then slay performing it, whether it is a girlgroup song or a boygroup song! They don't try to copy the song exactly as the original is, because they aren't EXO or Twice or whatever other group...
  5. marublade

    Why I dislike the Stray Kids fandom

    I have never seen a fandom that will throw their idol under the bus as easily as Stray Kids's one does! I think you can all understand where this comes from! Chan is working his ass of to make Stray Kids music and keep them going. The man is overworked as it is without fans adding to it. Mark...
  6. L

    Interview [tmrv] Stray Kids are empowering a new generation of K-Pop

    STRAY KIDS ARE EMPOWERING A NEW GENERATION OF K-POP “One of our goals while making music is to really try a lot of vast genres. So for us, any music is welcome." Stray Kids are not so stray after all. In the midst of everything that’s going on in the world, let alone with K-pop’s global...
  7. L

    Interview [FORBES]Stray Kids Talk Songwriting, Career Goals And Their First U.S. Tour

    “Authenticity” is a keyword thrown around a lot more often in K-pop these days. With crossover potential in the foreground, there’s more at stake when it comes to shaking the dismissive notion that it’s “manufactured.” Companies are investing more in idols — not just as performers, but as...
  8. L

    Interview [DAZED] Stray Kids are shaking up K-pop’s status quo

    Stray Kids are shaking up K-pop’s status quo The idol group handpicked their members and write and produce all their own material – could they signal a shift in the industry’s power dynamic? 5th June 2019 Text Taylor Glasby The South Korean pop band Stray Kids are clustered around a laptop...
  9. L

    Comeback Stray Kids Clé 2 : Yellow Wood LIMITED and STANDARD ver. PRE-ORDER & ALBUM PREVIEW

    Edit: More details <3 It looks so cool! The design totally fits my aesthetic :pandalove: Another giant photobook <3 Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <Clé 2 : Yellow Wood> STANDARD ver. PRE-ORDER & ALBUM DETAIL PREVIEW
  10. InTooManyFandoms

    Thoughts on Stray Kids?

    What do you think about their... Vocals: Visuals: Rapping: Dancing/Choreography: Discography: Personalities: Stage Presence: Overall?
  11. marublade

    Stray Kids are so hit and miss for me

    I have known and followed Stray Kids ever since they released Hellavator! I even watched their debut show as it was airing! But their music is so hit and miss! So far I don't really like their title tracks (Besides Hellavator, but that doesn't really count), but every album has had some gems...
  12. Mayday

    Audio Uh, plagiarism?

    This is literally Cherry Bomb at the beginning and My Pace (Indo. Ver.) Go report this please~ And I understand that it isn't the boys fault, but the producers should really be taken responsible for their actions.
  13. marublade

    NCT Dream to Stray Kids

    This is way too accurate tbh! Those 2 groups together have enough members born in 2000, to make a whole seperate 2000-liner group! But We have never seen them interact... This must be the reason!