stray kids

  1. marublade

    Appreciation Vlive who? Twitter who? I only communicate with idols through fruits!

    This is legit hilarious! Who needs twitter or words if you have fruits!
  2. soggycookies

    fav dinosaur uwu

    minho miroh both 5 letters both start w " m " both have m,i,h,o " n " replaced with " r " ?????????????? coincidence? I THINK NOT why's no one talking about this wthhhhhhhh? explain. what's ur fav dino?
  3. WhiteWadeWilson

    (POLL) TXT Debut vs Stray Kids Comeback???

    which one is more impressive to you? which title track is the true BOP? CROWN vs MIROH Y'all!!! I chose MIROH!!! what a weird but a BOP!!! the tiger and lion were awesome lol
  4. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser Stray Kids - MIROH M/V Teaser 1

  5. marublade

    Teaser This will be the best album of the year!

    Stray Kids <Clé 1 : MIROH> sounds AMAZING so far. From the teasers all the songs so far sound amazing. If the songs themselves are as good as the teasers, then I doubt any other album will be able to beat them this year! I am holding my fingers crossed for the songs to be just as good if not...
  6. soggycookies


    his puppy eyes :pepecry1::pepecry1::pepecry1:
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Stray kids are a big cuddlefest!

    Stray kids cuddling is one of the cutest things ever and noboy can tell me otherwise!
  8. marublade

    Appreciation Who is the cutest among these idols?

    The choices are: Samuel NCT Chenle Stray Kids I.N (Jeongin)
  9. NeoSquare

    News Dazed picks the top 20 Kpop songs of 2018

    British magazine Dazed picked the best 20 songs of 2018. They voted for both the MV as the song itself and only includes one song per artist. 1. Baby Don't Stop - NCT U (Taeyong & Ten) 2. Fake Love - BTS 3. Hann - (G)I-DLE 4. Bad Boy - Red Velvet 5. Good Evening - SHINee 6. Now or Never - SF9...
  10. marublade

    a giant cuddlefest

    It is hard to find a video about Stray Kids where there is nobody cuddleing or at least hugging. They are always doing that! Here's the proof if you don't believe me!
  11. chvnle

    [RESULTS] Stray Kids' Badges

    Welcome to the Official Stray Kids' Badges Thread! To a new addition for our badges, the Stray Kids' members will be added into the list! Rules: ★ Your badges must be 77x77 (And roundness to 40!) ★ Use clear, high quality, official photos. ★ Make sure your badge is able to be identified...
  12. bulletproof

    Dance Practice Stray Kids 'I am you' Halloween version

    What costume is your favorite? They had an interesting fight to get a costume, but they ended up like red riding hood, a queen or a girafe.
  13. chvnle

    Stray Kids Comeback Thread [I Am YOU] 10.22.18

    Welcome, STAYS! The boys are coming back with a bang and it's coming sooner than we expected. Since their hit "My Pace", the fandom has grown and we've all been anticipating a new comeback. Well, I'm happy to say that they are finally back an I am expecting a lot. General Information: [ The...
  14. Yili

    Group [Official] 3RACHA Thread

    DISCOGRAPHY Soundcloud Credits
  15. chvnle

    MV Stray Kids' 'Mixtape#2' Video OUT NOW

    Extremely late but since I don't think anyone did a thread on it I'll do one Please listen to the lyrics!