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  1. Chaeee

    Photo My favourite Kpop stylings

    yeonjun x pink hair was a match made in heaven 🥲 GD in red is 👌
  2. thaisch

    Academic survey with kpop fans

    Hii guys, sorry to bother I want to run a quick survey and obviously our kpop community is perfect public, I hope this isn't breaking any rules and maybe someone answer, the survey has the purpose to understand the influence that fashion has on the public, using the music industry as a...
  3. kingtae

    I bough new boots and I need you to help me ^^

    hello guys ^^ I bought 3 new boots and I wanted to show them to you! Do you like these? ^^ I will send one pair back cuz money and shi* :P I really hope u can give me opinions on these boots!!!!!!!! I will send one pair back maybe u can help me out here ^^ EDIT I actually already own...
  4. kingtae

    Thigh high boots time again!

    heey guys I just wanted to ask you guys if u like thigh high boots ...? I KNOW there was a thread before about thigh high boots but I felt like doing a new one :p I would like to buy one pair ^^ buuuut I dont know which boots I should buy :o Do you like the boots in the pictures? If not maybe...
  5. kingtae

    Appreciation cute korean models

    Park jung yoon Son ju hee
  6. Mayday

    SM, What's up with Red Velvet lately?

    I'm sorry, but I haven't the slightest clue as to why SM isn't actually trying to seem professional here. I have a few points that I'm going to discuss, as they are main points that can really affect Red Velvet as a group, and the fans. Firstly, the outfits. What is going on with Red Velvet's...
  7. kingtae

    Who got the best airport fashion ?

    Hani Sunmi Jennie Momo Taeyeon Yeri Eunha I got my fav :p
  8. kingtae

    Photo Taeyeon looking fine... little bit older pic but still fire

    Taeyeon for Mixxo