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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Are you open…

    … minded, like Taemin? :lisalaugh: @Shawol
  2. the101

    News SuperM is returning in 2023

    It was announced in the SMTOWN New Year's show @SuperM
  3. alo

    TAEMIN 태민 'Advice' Dance Practice

    once again, happy birthday king <3
  4. LTMs_Sammi

    Bias Challenge: Taemin FanMeet & Waving!

    FanMeet pictures are so cute!! Taemin usually has flowers or different animal ears on his head.. I love it! Here's one with a Crown bc Taemin is King! Also Bunny ears! Too cute!! And this is one of my Favorite Taemin Wave gifs! He is so Cute! I love him!
  5. LTMs_Sammi

    Bias Challenge: Taemin with a Flower Crown and Black hair!

    I love all of Taemin's looks. He can pull off anything! Just something about Black hair on him I love it the most. His all natural state is my favorite, although he is Absolutely Stunning in all of his looks. I am so thankful to see all the different Taemin looks he has given us! :pikahappy...
  6. LTMs_Sammi

    Bias Challenge: Favorite Taemin Gif!

    This is going to be the hardest!!.... I love every single gif... :bigcatcry: Can I just say Taemin is my favorite gif?!? Sighs... but I'll post one I use a lot... lol I send this gif to my friends a lot.. Taemin is so cute and the added hearts just make it even more adorable. I love his...
  7. LTMs_Sammi

    Bias Challenge: Taemin in a Suit!

    Taemin has sooo many great suits I could post but I am going to post one of his most recent ones bc I love it so much! He's Absolutely Gorgeous!! This suit is amazing! The chess theme and the 2 tone front and back all the way down to the shoes! His hair with it too!!! !!! He is so...
  8. LTMs_Sammi

    Appreciation Taemin's Breathtaking Performance

    Hi! I am doing another appreciation thread about Taemin, bc I can do these all day! Taemin as a gift to his fans released his VCR Just Me and You on his birthday. I cried bc we finally got the official release of this amazing performance.. The world should see this performance.. He's...
  9. LoveYooShaSha

    SHINEE 'Atlantis' - MV Shooting | Behind the SHINee

    SHINEE 'Atlantis' - MV Shooting | Behind the SHINee @Boy Group
  10. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance SHINee 'Don't Call Me' The Performance Stage

    SHINee 'Don't Call Me' The Performance Stage
  11. Darkseid

    Trading IZ*ONE Hyewon for trade!!

    Looking for any of these: IOI: Nayoung, Mina, Somi T-ara: Anybody except Hyomin and Ahreum Loona: Haseul, Yves or Olivia Blackpink: Jennie Other GG cards will be also accepted as long as they aren't super common. Maybe a few SuperM/NCT cards too. EDIT: Taemin has been traded!! Hyewon still...
  12. Darkseid

    Best soloist songs in 2020?

    Which ones are your favorites? Did you prefer them over group songs this year? Here are my top 5: 1. Chungha- Stay Tonight 2. Woodz- Love me harder 3. Sori- Initial S 4. IU (ft. Suga)- Eight 5. Ha:tfelt- Life Sucks Honorable mentions- Sunmi- Pporappippam, YooA- Bon Voyage, Agust...
  13. Wicked

    Appreciation Taemin and Jimin duo

    I wish we had more moments like these. I absolutely fucking loved this so much. Kings :pepeheart:
  14. eclipsoul

    News Taemin gets his 1st win for "Idea"

    congratulations <3
  15. LoveYooShaSha

    News Taemin Shinee live stream with Baek Jong Won and others today(2020.11.09?) on liveshopping korea website to sell farm produce: Delicious Rendezvous tv

    So there's this program in korea showing easy to cook menu (using the below-mentioned ingredients) to sell under-selling farm/local korean produce/foodstuffs: Its later incorporated/broadcast on tv (but edited differently from the livestream)...
  16. Darkseid

    Teaser SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)- MV Teaser plus SuperM/Marvel collab

    Anticipate the mega bop :sj_weary: Official audio is already out for those who want to listen here. Also wtf is happening here? :jisoosmh: Idk what it is but I like it :nakypog::sj_weary: Rise up spermies^^ @SuperM
  17. Darkseid

    Audio SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)

    The audio is out ahead of their performance on the Ellen show. The official MV and album drops on the 25th :pepeheart: Obviously this is a combination of 2 separate tracks, Monster and Infinity, much like Shinee’s Sherlock was back in the day. You can feel the key change/transition when it...
  18. Darkseid

    Sensitive Wtf SuperM?????

    Wtf is this lmaooooo I’m wheezing :lisalaugh: Ok but Taeyong and Lucas acting looks good, Kai and Baek look good too but I can’t with Mark and Taemin nooo :jisoosmh: Anticipate on the 25th I guess :wimwim: @Ahsoka @JakeyWantsCakey @maruberry @Suzy @Yolks @potato @Bookworm
  19. JakeyWantsCakey

    Can we discuss how Taemin is promoting two albums AT THE SAME TIME???

    and they both sound like they're gonna be AMAZING so far!!! I just listened to criminal today and it's a kinky bop as usual! and then we have Tiger Inside which is definitely Top 3 BG Songs of 2020: :sj_weary: :sj_weary: :sj_weary: