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taeyeon is the queen of sm

  1. SeulPika

    Appreciation The Taeyeon supremacy in 2022!

    As it stands, Taeyeon will be dominating the top spots in both my favourite title tracks and b sides of 2022!! :jisoosmh: My Top 5 Title tracks of 2022: 1. Taeyeon - Can't Control Myself 2. Taeyeon - INVU :pandalove: 3. Red Velvet - Wildside 4. aespa - Girls 5. (G) IDLE - Tomboy...
  2. SeulPika

    Appreciation 5 years with Taeyeon

    5 years ago on the 7th October 2015, Taeyeon made her long and highly anticipated solo debut with her solo song and album that were both titled 'I'. Teasers: MV: Debut stage: MAMA 2015 stage: I instantly fell in love with her debut song and album, and it went on to become my...
  3. SeulPika

    Photo Taeyeon is a sea goddess

    Taeyeon leaving me completely breathless with these photos!!! :nakypog: :jisoosmh: Why does she have to be so damn talented and beautiful, like the goddess that she is?! Why do you do this to me all the time, Kim Taeyeon?!?! :yolk:
  4. SeulPika

    News Taeyeon wins Digital Daesang

    OMG! YES, QUEEN!!!!! :queen: After everything that she's been through in recent years, and saying that 2019 has been one of her hardest years. Taeyeon deserves this daesang!!! :yolk: And Taeyeon really wasn't expecting it. She was casually chatting to Red Velvet and then her name was suddenly...
  5. SeulPika

    Only Red Velvet & Taeyeon can relate

    Red Velvet and Taeyeon are the only artists from SM to achieve RAKs this year! Who else is doing it like Momma Tae and her daughters? :llama_tea:
  6. SeulPika

    Your favourite song of the decade?

    Looking back on the past decade of releases (2010 - 2019) what would you say has been your favourite song of the decade? My favourite song of the decade shouldn't be that all too surprising (or it might be surprising. Who knows...). I had a long thought at my favourite songs of each year. Red...
  7. SeulPika

    Taeyeon is pissed off

    How many times have Sone heard this story over the years? How many former SM trainees have used the "I almost made it into SNSD" for clout? :kijoongstare: We're tired of it. And it seems that Taeyeon is tired of people using SNSD's name to bring attention to themselves. Because she's just...
  8. LoveYooShaSha

    Dance Practice King Slayeon (Taeyeon) "Spark" Dance Practise video is out

    I love how I get both OT9-SNSD vibes n (a little) Twice vibes during the 9-person V formation n M formation, (maybe just me cos it's 9 person dance). Also I dint realise while watching (only after reading comments) but she's wearing the beanie hat she bought last year from Sulli/Jinri...
  9. SeulPika

    News Taeyeon gets her 1st All Kill!! [+ highest 1st day sales on Hanteo 88K+]

    Queen Taeyeon has done it again!!! Not only has Taeyeon achieved her first All Kill of the charts. She's also the highest selling female artist (solo + groups) on Hanteo for 1st day sales, and well on course for surpassing 100K on the first day. 12 years in the industry and still...
  10. SeulPika

    Photo Taeyeon is the beauty of Prague

    Imagine being as talented and beautiful as Kim Taeyeon! :sanapray: Our Queen's radiating beauty is too strong for us mere mortals!!!!!! :pandalove:
  11. SeulPika


    Kid Leader, the Nation's vocalist, Taengoo, Slayeon.... . Kim Taeyeon has gone by a number of different nicknames throughout her illustrious 12 year career as the main vocalist & leader of the NGG Girls' Generation and her 11 year career as a soloist. There is one thing that has remained...
  12. VillageIdiot

    Dance Practice When SM Doesn't Listen To Sone

    Taeyeon does Feeling so old :pepecry1:
  13. SeulPika

    Taeyeon has left me feeling numb

    From the moment that I first listened to Blue I fell in love with everything about this song and it quickly became one of my favourite Taeyeon songs. I've just watched the live performance of Blue from Taeyeon's most recent encore concert and it feels like I have entered a completely different...
  14. SeulPika

    Appreciation Greatest Taeyeon Day

    Happy 31st Birthday to the leader of Girls' Generation and one of the leading female soloists in Korea, KIM TAEYEON!!!! :pandalove: Thank you for blessing our eyes with your goddess visuals, and our ears with your powerful vocals for these past 12 years. Thank you for leading Girls'...
  15. SeulPika

    Video Taeyeon's latest vlog is up!

    :sj_weary: Taeyeon has uploaded the latest vlog to her Taengoo TV series! :pandahappy:
  16. SeulPika

    Appreciation Remembering the greatest hack of all time

    :pepeheart: A throwback memory to the time when Sone finally had enough of AKP allowing haters and trolls to bash on Taeyeon 24/7. Therefore they snapped and hacked into the site which resulted in visitors being redirected to a AKP page that was hacked to show images of Taeyeon and demanding...
  17. SeulPika

    News Taeyeon announces new concert

    Will include new stages?! Omg. Please let this be a sign that Queen Taeyeon is going to be making her much anticipated comeback soon!!! :sanapray: