the rose

  1. Panda

    News The Rose Woosung discusses his new song Lazy and the future of The Rose In regards to The Rose, he mentions:
  2. SoftGirlSummer

    Rumor The Rose Is Coming Back!!!

    Woosung went on Instagram and started promoting new official accounts for the Rose, separate from j&star Look at its Insta Post 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Our boyz are coming back😭
  3. wayvoutsold

    News Statement from J&Star Company regarding The Rose’s request of contract termination

    This makes me sick, honestly. Source: Soompi
  4. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] Girl's Day/SHINee VS Gfriend/The Rose [Final Match]

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Final Match of the BG/GG Team Tournament. We are now at the Final match and for this match, I will do 3 MV's each so it's more of a competition. Thank you all for taking part. For this match, I will not do the 5-minute rule, however, I will let you change your vote...
  5. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] 3rd & 4th Place and the Final Match. [Coming Soon]

    Anticipate these two matches! 3rd & 4th Place! fromis_9/SF9 VS Gugudan/VAV Final Match Girl's Day/SHINee VS Gfriend/The Rose
  6. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournamant] Gugudan/VAV VS Gfriend/The Rose Semifinal, Match 2 [Rematch]

    Ok, so since this match ended up as 7-7, this thread is the rematch thread and I will give them 2 hours of voting time. There is also no 5-minute rule, so you can vote straight away. I will do the same MV's, but if it still lands in a draw, then I'll give this another 3 hours. The winner will be...
  7. SoftGirlSummer

    MV The Rose - "Red"

    Boygroup Taglist @goyo @Reo @wayvoutsold @Pigeon @Crackhead @GoldenBunny @MsJimin @baekk @Soleski @Darjeeling @RainbowDevil @Wingfrost @planetarium @Yolks @TwentyOneJongdae @Queen @yerimiese @stinksplinter @jungshook @Rhythmixx @JJbaker @InTooManyFandoms @mirella @potato @Joy @Jungkook @Foxia...
  8. Mayday

    MV Todays repeat

    The music video really potrays a good meaning, and the song is a bop as well. I reccomend checking this out if you haven't already! Stan The Rose ya'll. And to think that he's a rookie...:nekosweat:
  9. Suzy

    What did you think of Woosung's (The Rose) mini album?

    Title: FACE WOLF: MOON: Lonely:
  10. makestar

    News Post your FanArt on Makestar and win limited edition MDs

    🔥 K-POP EVENT🔥 Show your own FanArt and Get Kpop Star Goods! (before April 10th) Click the picture for more details Spring is coming so Makestar has prepared a new event! Simply show off your fanart in the comment on this page --> Makestar is looking for a Pro Otaku and grab your chance...
  11. Panda

    Group ~ The Rose Official Thread ~

    The Rose (더로즈) consists of 4 members: Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyung and Hajoon. The band debuted under J&Star Company on August 3rd, 2017 with their single ‘Sorry’ and have released 2 mini-albums so far. Why are they called The Rose? “It’s a name to show music that coexisted with the beauty of...