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  1. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Hamin (TRCNG Kangmin) 1st Concept Photo and recording behind [BOYHOOD S#1]

    Wow his mullet is longer than I thought :haylul: still no sound - but mv teaser's coming out tmrw!
  2. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Hyunwoo 1st Concept Photo [BOYHOOD S#1], Cover Dance 2, Hyunwoo post, notice abt fansign and live performance

    @Vikki you were right, cover video 2 is the full cover from cover video 1:wimwim:
  3. litc

    Video APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) PSY That That Challenge without Practicing

  4. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Jihun 1st Concept Photo and recording behind [BOYHOOD S#1]

    li it’s your boy in the recording clip:kittylove: why can’t I hear anything:runrunrun:
  5. litc

    Appreciation Happy birthday Siwoo

    happy 21st birthday to Trcng and now (I think that’s what they’re called) apr project’s siwoo! maknae line is getting old enough to drink in the us:pepecry1:
  6. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Siwoo 1st Concept Photo [BOYHOOD S#1]

    Handsome:pandaamazed: He's grown up so much:jenniecry: I'm confused by this whole thing:susPepe: Is the group name APR? Is it APR Project? Is the album name APR Project? Is the song named APR Project? Is the album or title track called Boyhood or Boyhood S#1 and it's an album series like some...
  7. litc

    Video APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) first cover

    Ok but why is it only 22 sec with most of it being them standing still:nayeonisdone: TRCNG was literally the b-boy group:yeonstare;
  8. litc

    Information APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Fan Cafe Open

    I clicked on it and discovered they have a youtube channel:hayshook: Bonus:
  9. litc

    Debut TRCNG REDEBUT (Apr Project) Schedule

    (Hamin is Kangmin's new stage name) Jihun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, and Kangmin (now Hamin) of TRCNG are redebuting together, probably in June after all the members finally escaped TS! TRCNG debuted in 2017 with a maknae concept (Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation is their name) at 15 -17 years...
  10. mindeulle

    [Have You Met] Introducing TRCNG

    suggested by @litc banner by @Yili TRCNG was a boy group under TS Entertainment. They debuted on October 10th 2017 with the album New Generation. There were 10 members, Jihun, Hayoung, Hakmin, Jisung, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Hohyeon, Kangmin, and formerly Taeseon and Wooyup. The group consists of...
  11. litc

    Appreciation We Are the Champions, my friends

    And we'll keep on fighting till the end, supporting the TRCNG members:ankha: TRCNG was a group that debuted in 2017 under TS Entertainment, and despite being extremely talented, hardworking and putting out great music, were severely mistreated by the company. After Taeseon and Wooyeop sued TS...
  12. litc

    Appreciation So this is what angels sound like

    SO THIS IS WHAT ANGELS SOUND LIKE:ankha: (timestamped) Hakmin's falsettos.:pandaamazed: I swear this is what angels must sound like.:shockedcover: He must have the most most beautiful voice in the world:pandaamazed: His really makes me feel something. This ain't even an...
  13. litc

    TRCNG Badge Thread

    Official TRCNG Badge Thread Suggestion Period: December 13th to December 22nd 4 pm PST Voting Period: Ends latest January 5th. Sorry it goes thru Christmas, if I'm allowed we could take a break then?:yolk: ------------------- Rules Badge size must be 77x77 Please use rounded corners [50] Use...
  14. litc

    Card challenge: Fav group based on dance

    TRCNG, Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation, I guess. The b-boy group:ankha: (timestamped) this is a main vocal of the group Other main vocal showing his b-boying at 16:57 Stupid TS:chickill::chickill::chickill: @Goldenstar @Vikki @Winter_Iz
  15. litc

    Appreciation Happy birthday Kangmin!

    Happy 20th birthday (in international age) to TRCNG's adorable b-boying main vocal former child actor maknae Kangmin:pandahappy::pandalove::bigcatlove: Getting first place in the rap as main vocal against main rappersllama_twerkllama_twerk Maknae line is growing up:pandasad: I hope...
  16. Yseki

    My Problem With Kpop Right Now

    Am I the only one that thinks these groups really need some defining characteristics to distinguish them? I feel like they are very similar. I feel like if they covered each others songs they would all sound the same lolz.
  17. Vikki

    Performance This performance is quite nice!

    I've always liked their songs, but they haven't been active in quite a time. At the Dream Concert, they showed a prerelease of a song from their new album, and I really like the choreo. the songs not as amazing as some of their others but its fairly nice as well. I can't wait for their comeback...
  18. NeoSquare

    News In 4 days, TRCNG's app will be released

    TRCNG has already announced that they will have an app, however, it was unclear when it would drop. Koari just announced that it will drop in 4 days. Soompi reports that this app will be the very first app that a group will use to communicate with their fans in Korea as well as all over the...