1. Yseki

    My Problem With Kpop Right Now

    Am I the only one that thinks these groups really need some defining characteristics to distinguish them? I feel like they are very similar. I feel like if they covered each others songs they would all sound the same lolz.
  2. Vikki

    Performance This performance is quite nice!

    I've always liked their songs, but they haven't been active in quite a time. At the Dream Concert, they showed a prerelease of a song from their new album, and I really like the choreo. the songs not as amazing as some of their others but its fairly nice as well. I can't wait for their comeback...
  3. NeoSquare

    News In 4 days, TRCNG's app will be released

    TRCNG has already announced that they will have an app, however, it was unclear when it would drop. Koari just announced that it will drop in 4 days. Soompi reports that this app will be the very first app that a group will use to communicate with their fans in Korea as well as all over the...