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  1. litc

    Teaser BXB(비엑스비) - '도약 (跳躍; Fly Away)' Official Trailer #HYUNWOO

    @Champion @seoriverse
  2. litc

    Teaser BXB(비엑스비) - '도약 (跳躍; Fly Away)' Official Trailer #HAMIN

    @Champion @seoriverse
  3. litc

    Teaser BXB, Boy By Brush (New BG) (and redebut of a disbanded bg) New Logo Motion

    so trcng's redebut apr project's youtube channel changed to this and uploaded this new logo! I'm hoping they'll add more of the boys now (4 debuted in apr project with a 5th featuring, they were originally 10) :pandaamazed: I'm so happy they got to redebut, TRCNG deserved so much better they...
  4. litc

    Appreciation Happy birthday Jihun

    Happy 23rd birthday (in international age) to TRCNG (now APR Project) Jihun:nekolove: TRCNG deserved better APR Project was my delusional hopes coming true @Champion
  5. litc

    Appreciation Happy Kangmin (Hamin) day

    Happy 21st birthday to TRCNG maknae Kangmin, now APR Project maknae Hamin @Champion
  6. litc

    New MV (TRCNG'S REDEBUT) APR PROJECT(에이피알 프로젝트) - '장면 (Feat. 호현)' Official M/V

    I like it better than the previous one! And hohyeon!
  7. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG's Redebut) BOYHOOD S#2 Hohyeon Concept Photos and Video

    HOHYEON IS HERE! Yes, he wasn't with the other 4 in the previous song. I hope he's debuting too and joining them, then we'll have 5/10 of the boys redebuted:pepecry2: I hope the others get added later too:pepecry1: They did say they would add more members Lol it's the oldest member and then...
  8. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Boyhood S#2 Tracklist

    New member, hopefully a TRCNG boy! @Daiisy if you're interested
  9. litc

    Teaser APR Project (TRCNG Redebut) Hamin (TRCNG Kangmin) 2nd Concept Photo [BOYHOOD S#1]

    that mullet extension is so long - LESS THAN A WEEK TILL REDEBUT:queen: