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  1. Abeamus

    News Treasure to release MV for Darari

    On March 28, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE’s first mini album “THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE” had sold over 800,000 copies. In addition to the massive success of their title track “JIKJIN,” another song off “THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE” that is in the spotlight is “DARARI,” which...
  2. Yundubu

    TV TREASURE(트레저) - Web Drama 'The Mysterious Class' Character Posters

    Choi Hyunsuk Park Jihoon not the soloist.. Yoshi Kim Junkyu Mashiho Yoon Jaehyuk More members below ↓ ↓ ↓
  3. treasureO12

    I miss Treasure!comeback when?

    It's been 7 months since they released the full album and I miss them so much. it has been announced they are definitely coming back this year but which month? :pepecry2: :pepecry1: @Treasure Maker
  4. Reverie

    MV I love this

  5. Abeamus

    News Treasure So Junghwan tests positive for Covid-19

    This is YG Entertainment. We inform you that TREASURE member So Jung Hwan tested positive for COVID-19 today (July 16). Besides Doyoung who tested positive on July 13, the other TREASURE members and staff have tested negative as a result of all additional tests until now. So Jung Hwan tested...
  6. Abeamus

    Trading Cosmic Girls Seola & Mei Qi, Jennie 4, Treasure Junkyu and X1 Hangyul

    Mainly looking for Ailee 1 and 3
  7. Darkseid

    Performance IZ*ONE Yujin X Treasure Jihoon X NCT Sungchan- Give Love (orig. AKMU)- SBS Inkigayo, March 7th 2021

    Welcome to the 3 new MCs of SBS Inkigayo and let's enjoy their debut stage :pikahappy: Hoping the official performance cut will be out soon, until then, here's the fancam. Yujin center let's go :queen: @Wiz*one @Treasure Maker @NCTzen Fancams:
  8. Darkseid

    TV IZ*ONE An Yujin, Treasure Jihoon and NCT Sungchan will be the new Inkigayo MCs!!

    The current MCs- April’s Naeun, Monsta X Minhyuk and NCT Jaehyun will be stepping down and these three will be taking over as the new MCs :sj_weary: Future it girl and Korean queen An Yujin making those moves yass, grabbing an MC spot with a boi from YG and SM :nakypog: Anticipate...
  9. Darkseid

    Appreciation Thank you Treasure for releasing SOTY!!

    And it's not their latest title track My Treasure :lisalaugh: But since their album is finally out, I can finally listen to Going Crazy on repeat yass :sj_weary: Only took 2 years :rosesmug: Watch the performance video released 1 year ago too btw lol. @Treasure Maker
  10. Tiffany

    MV TREASURE - ‘MY TREASURE’ M/V & Audio Be With Me + Slowmotion

    @Treasure Maker @Boy Group
  11. Darkseid


    Anticipate Treasure 1st album soon :sj_weary: @Treasure Maker
  12. Darkseid

    MV Treasure- Beautiful (Black Clover anime OST)

    It's pretty impressive Treasure already has an anime OST, and it's one of the bigger animes too- Black Clover :sanapray: @Treasure Maker @Anime Anticipate Treasure 1st album this month :pepeheart:
  13. Darkseid

    Wait Treasure wtf!!!

    As most people here know, Treasure were the rookies I was anticipating the most this year, I was so hyped and their releases so far while decent haven't really won me over :yolk: But I just saw the tracklist for their upcoming full album: And GOING CRAZY IS IN IT WTF :sj_weary: SOTY 2021 is...
  14. Darkseid

    Ranking 2020 Kpop debuts

    I haven't listened to all rookie debuts this year- especially most of the boygroups, still this is a list based on which debut stood out the most to me. 1. StayC Black Eyed Pilseung's group StayC immediately got me with this catchy debut, great vocals and amazing visuals. They've actually...
  15. Tiffany

    Appreciation I am no longer the same.

    Stan Treasure @Treasure Maker is my new home.