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  1. Abeamus

    News Victon Byungchan, Subin & Hanse letters on leaving Victon

    Hello, this is VICTON’s Choi Byungchan. Up until writing this letter now, I’ve gone back and forth between a lot of thoughts and emotions, and I’ve repeatedly wrote and erased while thinking over hundreds of times about what to say and how to say it. From 2016, for seven years, I received such...
  2. Yuzuru

    News VICTON’s Sejun Announces Military Enlistment Date @Alice Wish Sejun luck in the military. We’ll miss him.
  3. Yuzuru

    News VICTON’s Seungsik Tests Positive For COVID-19 + Recommends That Fans Who Attended Fan Signing Events Get Tested @Alice We’re past the pandemic already so he’ll be well again.
  4. Yuzuru

    Video VICTON dairy EP. 133 ( Virus MV )

  5. Yuzuru

    Chart VICTON Breaks 100,000 1st-Week Sales For 1st Time With “Choice” @Alice
  6. kimsguardian

    New MV VICTON 빅톤 - 'Stupid O'clock'

  7. tricky

    News Jay Park, Apink's Bomi and Hayoung and Victon's Sejun and Subin to guest on episode 6 of THE ORIGIN!

    Episode 6 releases at April 23rd at 6pm KST on 1theK YouTube and Kakao TV and 5pm KST on MBN
  8. RandAlThor

    Trading Victon Chan

    hit me up wanting Jessica: 1, 2, 5 Weeekly: Soojin, Jiyoon WJSN: Soobin, Dayoung, but 5th batch girls we can talk.
  9. Abeamus

    Teaser Han Seungwoo "Fade" Teaser Image

  10. Abeamus

    News Victons Han Seungwoo preparing for a comeback

    On May 4, the artist’s agency Play M Entertainment announced, “Han Seung Woo has confirmed his second solo album release for June. He is working hard to return with high-quality music so please look forward to it.” Source
  11. Darkseid

    MV Why did everyone sleep on this soloist bop in 2020??

    Atleast in this forum :jisoosmh: I don't see anyone bringing this up lol. In fact I don't know shit about Victon, I only know this dude was in X1 lol, but this solo debut is actually such a bop wtf :nakypog: I love this style of music whatever it is :sj_weary:
  12. RainbowDevil

    News Wooseok and Seungwoo at Inkigayo

    Seungwoo posted it to his IG :nekolove: My OneIt heart. These types of pics honestly keep me going :yolk: X1 taglist: @Darth_Felflame @TwentyOneJunhui @JJbaker @SaviorTXT @Queen @Pigeon @yoda_tato @Yolks @Wingfrost @chvnle @MinSquishy @planetarium @kinnie @XBittersweet
  13. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation When you're the leader in every sense

    Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer :sj_weary: Satisfying as hell honestly (Victons Seungwoo btw)
  14. izcream

    MV victon - mayday

  15. eclipsoul

    MV VICTON - Howling

    released earlier today but i haven't seen anyone post about it yet so here we go
  16. Abeamus

    News Victon picks up their 1st ever win

    Congrats to Victon :pandahappy: