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video games

  1. Dreamer_of_Songs

    Fanfiction Lufou Holidays [Honkai Star Rail Fanfic- Jing Yuan x FC] {Chapter 3 of 3 + Bonus Chapter Posted}

    Type of Story: Multi-Chapter Genre: Romance Setting: Alternative Universe [Modern Setting] ________________________________________________________________ I won't be able to take you to the airport today, Mooncake. There wasn't even a single "I'm sorry" in the text message he sent to her...
  2. Jewel

    News New Sims 4 expansion coming!!!

    OFFICIAL LEAK: The Sims 4 Horse Ranch The Sims 4 Horses: Everything We Know Some sources about the pack! The Sims 4 Horse Ranch News And get this. The release date for the pack is on July 20th. MY BIRTHDAY. My 30th b-day to be exact. I'm getting old :taeyoungforehead:
  3. Dreamer_of_Songs

    Favorite 2000s Video Game

    Like the title says, what is your favorite game released anywhere from 2000 to 2009. Even though I was really young when this game came out, I was a fan of Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64.
  4. raymondchouku

    Sword & Shield

    So, I bought Sword and Shield on Saturday since I couldn't get it on Friday, because I had a seizure... But I have been playing it intermitantly since then (because my arm hurts and its hard to do that and plus I'm really busy with Disney+... Wait was that the world's worst pun...).. There's...
  5. Mayday

    Did you and your siblings "claim" characters growing up?

    From a show, video game, movie, etc. I remember something prominent in my every day life when I was younger was Super Mario Bros. 2. Now, of course, my eldest sister being thew oldest, got first dibs. She was Peach. (Keep in mind that this game was played in modern times, so other female...