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  1. chiefchilly1

    Appreciation fromis_9 Jiwon Vocals

    A lot of strong female singers as of late but one of my fave voices in the industry is Jiwon from fromis_9. I don’t know anything about singing but man does she have a strong voice. Kind of a shame that their actual songs don’t highlight her voice as much as I want it to.
  2. seoriverse

    Who's your favorite vocalists?

    And by that I don't mean who you think is the BEST vocalists. Just who's voice you like the most. Personally, I really like BTS Jin, Girl's Generation Taeyeon, Jo Yuri, Twice Jihyo, Seori and Loona Chuu's voice.
  3. maruberry

    Woozi should go on King of masked singer

    He would do great on there I think. He is a really good sing, definetly main vocal level! The only thing I feel iffy about, is that he would be very easy to guess. Somebody short, male and with a high voice. Not a lot of options. He could go pretend to be a girl like that one guy from Up10tion...
  4. Superexoration

    Who studies vocal techniques I have a question

    Is screaming your lungs a way of determining your vocal range? I have seen vocal coach analysis for idols range and the highest note is not necessarily a note being sung properly, sometimes they take the idol’s highest note from just screaming.(really screaming out of fear or just playing etc)...
  5. A

    Is everything okay with GFRIEND's vocal condition?

    They are one in a million groups who sang all of their stages live. But this is where it stops. Every comeback stage after Fingertip was pure playback. Not a single comeback stage was live after that. Their songs didn't increase in difficulty, choreography is (if anything)...
  6. Linky

    Appreciation I can't take this anymore

  7. Koala

    ~Joshua Hong~Love

    Here,I give you protection from all the unholy things I’m about to say in this thread. I want the best for the people..Only the people who love Joshua,and adore Seventeen. Let us start with our BDSM classes. You gotta go hard in it and get them to say,”Oh no,stop. I can’t take it anymore.”...