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what if

  1. raymondchouku

    Stan Game/Exercise

    Pick your favorite group? What is your favorite song [by that group]? What album is that song from? Pick another song [from that album] that you really like? .... and tag some people. My Response: (1) Exo (2) Favorite Song (3) Album: Love Me Right (4) Other Song Hmm...
  2. wayvoutsold

    If the Hunger Games was real and all of KPS was participating, what would happen?

    I think @Reo or @notthatmarko would win, and @Jimimis would be the first to die
  3. maruberry

    What if SM sent a trainee on a produce show?

    We all know this would never happen! but why not imagine this for a moment? I think the moment they walk onto the screen the expectations would be HUGE. I imagine SM would never let anybody go and represent their company in a show like that if they were not A class. The trainers and the other...
  4. maruberry

    What if Suho had become a member of SHINee

    it is known that Suho was in the running to become a member of SHINee and was one of the last trainees to be left out of the group. Who do you think he would have replaced in SHINee, and what would EXO be like without Suho and who would replace him? I think Suho would have replaced Key... But i...