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  1. Yuzuru

    Chart March Idol Group Brand Reputation Rankings Announced
  2. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Lol poor Dayoung having a tough day at the office...

    Its ok haha it was funny so that works...
  3. Abeamus

    Solo [Official] WJSN Eunseo Thread

    Eunseo is a member of WJSN under Starship Entertainment who made their debut on 25th February 2016 Real Name - Son Juyeon Birthday - 27th May 1998 Height - 5'7.5"/172 cm Instagram
  4. litc

    Appreciation Bona & Dayoung cutest duo

    Just this one says enough " If there's something you want to say to the members you've been with for 6 years, let's say it one by one. ▶ Dayoung = I want to say something to Bona unnie. It's been quite a while since Bona...
  5. litc

    Video [UZZU TAPE] EP.199 쪼꼬미 완전체 (?) AAA에 떴다

    The 5 chocomes:bigcatclap:
  6. chiefchilly1

    Sus Eunseo pics that make you wanna scream

    WJSN’s Eunseo is a very touchy and affectionate person that’s all I’m gonna say. Hard to find pics of her doing this. There’s a lot of captured footage though, but it’s a little clickbaity.
  7. chiefchilly1

    Dayoung & Soobin cracking their skulls

    Out of all of the absurd and questionable moments WJSN has ever done (and there’s a ton let me tell ya), a simple scene where they’re doing a simple game is by far one of my faves. Pretty difficult to find this clip btw had to scrounge through twitter.
  8. chiefchilly1

    Pouting Luda pics to recharge your chakra

    aka, Luda being the biggest baby of WJSN
  9. litc

    Video [UZZU TAPE] EP.192 Daily WJSN 포토북 비하인드!

    so pretty
  10. litc

    Appreciation Happy Exy Day

    Happy birthday exy:pepeheart: @Ujung
  11. Yerichu

    Video The Cater's Game (Starship Artist) TEASER

    @Dive @Monbebe @Luvity @Ujung
  12. litc

    Appreciation Happy Mei Qi Day

    Happy 24th birthday in international age to WJSN’s Libra Mei Qi @Ujung
  13. litc

    Information WJSN Chocome Coming to It'z Live on October 14th

  14. LilacNyx

    News WJSN at Incheon Airport heading to Thailand

    The girls are heading to Thailand for the Lalapa K-Concert in Bangkok 2022.