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  1. Moguri

    Photo Yujin at the CLIO Pop Up Store

    The pictures in those cusihon rooms look so cool :catsip: @Dive
  2. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Mombi proud of her kids.

    Taught em well.
  3. Moguri

    Photo Yujin lures in Wonyoung with Taiyaki

    Wony looks like she really wants one, I hope Yujin shared :llama_blush: @Dive
  4. Moguri

    Photo Casually cool Yujin

    :pepe_cool: @Dive
  5. Moguri

    Video Yujin & Liz are indecisive during challenge

    The late heart :turtlehat: @Dive
  6. Moguri

    Video Yujin x LUCKY CHOUETTE - After the show CF

  7. Moguri

    Video Yujin & Gaeul do the Nick & Judy Challenge

    Yujin is such a great Judy, such cute expressions :nekolove: @Dive
  8. Moguri

    Photo Winter fun Yujin

    I want to build a snowman with her :catsip: @Dive
  9. Moguri


    Cool and pretty :catsip: @Dive
  10. Moguri

    Video Yujin - Off The Record Sped up ver

  11. Moguri

    Photo Baddie Yujin

    Such a baddie :llama_blush: @Dive
  12. Moguri

    Photo Bunny Yujin

    A rare sight!! :passcodea: @Dive
  13. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Yujin and Rei hiding as mother daughter..

    This is fun!
  14. Moguri

    Photo Yujin x Lucky Chouette - Lucky hat

    Wearing her lucky hat and playing guitar :catsip: @Dive
  15. RandAlThor

    Appreciation throwback Ahnyoungz happy to see Minju!

    love the puppy Yujin!
  16. Moguri

    Photo Lucky Girl Yujin - Behind the scenes with Lucky Chouette

    We are lucky to get so many pictures! :catsip: @Dive
  17. Moguri

    Video Yujin being obsessed with DIVE 🌃

    At least thats whe she commented :kirbypop: @Dive
  18. Moguri

    Photo Nerdy Yujin returns with long hair

    But stunning as ever :passcodea: Such great pictures :uwu: @Dive