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  1. victorious

    How do I get more points on TOKTOQ app?

    how do I get more points on TOKTOQ app? I have 120 points from 8/29/23
  2. RockyGoose

    Yunho and a cat

  3. RandAlThor

    Appreciation This Yunho Hyoyeon thing is getting a life of its own.

    Fun to see them having so much fun. They have known and danced together for 20 + years lol even music core just has the mc's get out of the way.
  4. RockyGoose

    I met Yunho

    and then we went on a boat date together Don't tell Seonghwa or Uran about this.
  5. RockyGoose

    BM calling Yunho "so sexy"

    He's not wrong. He really is hot~~
  6. Jewel

    Appreciation Someone has been making amazing Ateez edits

    Incorporating multiple members into one for The Witness era pics. It honestly blew my mind how well they went together. @Atiny
  7. Jewel

    Appreciation ATINY LISTEN UP!

    Atiny! Yunho's Birthday EVENT!! @Atiny
  8. Jewel

    Appreciation 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUNHO🎉

  9. RockyGoose

    I don't know whether I want to be Yunho or Wooyoung

    Okay, maybe Wooyoung.
  10. RandAlThor

    Yeri an Irene went to Aespa's concert

    Yunho also. Yeri working on her Uniee duties.. wonder if she has had the girls over to the house yet :kokorohappy: Yuhno seems to show up for every one. i think irene took these pics
  11. victorious

    About Ateez Wooyoung's birth chart astrology

    Hey I found Wooyoung’s birth chart on tumblr And I came across this: Mars Capricorn in 4th is a hardworking and protective placement. Mars Capricorn is exalted, so Woo definitely takes his work and...
  12. Jewel

    Video (ENG) [FULL] EP#44. 2016.03.02 | IDOL RADIO SEASON 3 |MBC 230208 BROADCAST @Atiny
  13. Jewel

    Appreciation Yunho is amazing

    @Atiny The fact that he can sing and be so active. AND sound good doing it!
  14. RockyGoose

    Fanfiction The Streetlight | Yunho fanfic

    A fanfic that I wrote a few years ago. That fanfic was based on a scene that I wrote for a novel that I wanted to write. The Streetlight The sky is dark, and the stars are sparkling. The streetlights are shining on Yunho and Maeum, who are on their way home after they have been eating...