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  1. maruberry

    NCT's Mark is really cute [18+]

    I can just imagine him blabbing away and rambling when a girl makes a move on him! He is blatantly a submissive and it is so adorable. He isn't into anything hardcore either! Just telling him to undress would probably fluster him to no end! now imagine how he would react to being spanked! I bet...
  2. maruberry

    What do you think your bias likes in the bedroom? [18+]

    What do you think your bias likes in the bedroom! Are they vanilla or into BDSM? Are they gay or straight? Are they Top or Bottom, Dom or sub? Tell me what they are into! For Woozi... He is definetly a submissive! He wants to be broken down and then built up again. He wants to be hurt, but...
  3. maruberry

    Wonho... [18+]

    I kinda like Monsta X, but have never really looked into the members... But NOW.... I have dicovered Wonho... My hard stan mind is currently in shambles. His outfits and him are everything I didn't know I needed in my life! I mean! Just look at this! I just want to grab onto that choker and...
  4. maruberry

    18+ 1 idol, 24 hours, they are down to do ANYTHING you want, but... [18+]

    ...But it has to be something 18+. No going out for a coffee (Unless something follows later) no just going to the zoo, no just talking. Basically you can have sex with them any way you want. You can have any idol, they are totally into whatever you want to do and will love it! Who do you...
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation These stares do things to me [18+]

    These stares make me want to stop whatever I am doing and just kneel or bow or do anything to show that I am not worthy! Just imagining them giving me a look like that in the bedroom while I am naked makes me feel hot! Mixing a tiny bit of lust into that gaze and I am in love and ready to do...
  6. maruberry

    Do I make enough 18+ posts to be known as the one who makes 18+ posts?

    I need to know if I have to step up my game! EDIT: While you are at it, go submit your hard stan thoughts to this Anon! Your darkest 18+ thoughts!
  7. maruberry

    Give me your deepest darkest 18+ thoughts [18+ Anon... Duh...][Still taking submissions]

    TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS! I have noticed many of you are too shy to say them out loud, so whisper them in my ears secretly! Release the secret hard stan inside you! CLICK ME TO TO WHISPER YOUR THOUGHTS ANONYMOUSLY
  8. maruberry

    TOP 5 male submissives in kpop! [18+]

    This is in no way a finished list! Comment who else should be on this list and why, comment who you think doesn't belong on this list and why! 1) EXO Kai This man doesn't have a single dominant cell in his body! He might be confident on stage, but the moment he stops dancing you see the real...
  9. maruberry

    Is J-Hope into... [18+]

    is J-hope more into humiliation or sadism? Or maybe both? I personally feel like he doesn't care that much about causing pain to his partner, but humiliating them. Treating them like they are stupid or like they are misbehaving children and so on. He doesn't have very stict rules, but he...
  10. maruberry

    What I want most in the world right now... [18+]

    At the moment I really want a ChanSoo sextape that only I have... My imagination is a great place, but the real thing is always superior! I can imagine Kyungsoo telling Chanyeol to stand still in his serious I am not shitting around voice, but I am sure that in real life his voice would sound...
  11. maruberry

    Idols who are 100% vanilla in your opinion [18+][Beginning is OK, later on gets VERY 18+]

    Which idols seem like they have never even thought of giving a spanking or getting spanked. Who are the ones who appreciate just a good fuck and nothing more? I think these ones: NCT Jungwoo - The man flirts, but it has no force behind it EXO Chen and Xiumin - I love them, but honestly those 2...
  12. maruberry

    Who in Seventeen are the biggest dom and sub? [18+]

    Who are the biggest Dominants and submissives in Seventeen? I think Jeonghan is the biggest dominant. He has this sadistic vibe to him and you just know he wants to cause pain! The submissive on the other hand is very obviously Mingyu! That puppy basically oozes obedience and praise kink vibes!
  13. maruberry

    Would you rather [18+]

    Would you rather: A: Have TVXQ Yunho tie you up, spank you and then fuck you B: Have NCT Taeyong kneeling naked in front of you, ready to do anything you ask C: Have EXO D.O look at you like you are the lowest being on this earth, while you are licking his boots D: Have EXO Chanyeol in a bed...
  14. maruberry

    Do you think Kun... [18+]

    ...Spanks chinaline + Ten? Because the way he get on his nerves, I wouldn't be surprised if he has given Yangyang and Ten some good swats on the bottom!
  15. maruberry

    What do you think Taeyong likes in bed? [18+]

    It is obvious Taeyong is the most subby of all subs to ever have subbed. That man just reeks of submissiveness. But what do you think he atually likes? I think he likes a good whipping. The kind where he is left feeling it for a week minimum afterwards! He also likes to get a lot of orders...
  16. maruberry

    Appreciation Chaeyeon x Sakura (ChaeKkura) is the best! [18+]

    Chaeyeon and Sakura are the best together! Actual girlfriends! It is very obvious that Sakura is the dom and Chaeyeon is the sub in this relationship. Sakua only acts the dorky, kinda confused girl part. She is actually in control of everything and knows how to get what she wants. That includes...
  17. maruberry

    Fanfiction [18+] NCT Taeyong x TVXQ Yunho

    The daddy and baby boy vibes are undenieable! Taeyong has said he wants somebody more experienced who will take control of the relationship aka somebody older! 23 and 33 seems like a good age-gap that isn't too big! The pictures they have together have Yunho being very posessive of Taeyong and...
  18. maruberry

    [18+ discussion] Who is the kinkiest in NCT?

    I feel like Jaemin 100% and maybe Kun. Jaemin is a dom obviously and he likes to tease his subs and watch them squirm. Maybe throw in a dash of humiliation. Kun is also a dom, but his style is completely different. He is a really sadistic but caring dom. He is the kind to beat you raw and then...