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  1. maruberry

    18+ This picture of Kai should be god damn illegal

    How TF I haven't seen this pic before is insane, it's from SUCH an old photoshoot! The man is fucking KNEELING, HEAD DOWN WHILE POUTING!!!!! Let me repeat that just in case you didn't catch that... KNEELING, HEAD DOWN WHILE POUTING What in the actual fuck. How is this man so perfect?? This...
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    18+ An Ode to Ten...

    The way you dance, Sends me into a trance, And make me wanna finance A trip to France So I can get in your pants :sj_weary: :sj_weary: :sj_weary:
  3. raymondchouku

    18+ Weirdest Desires

    What is the weirdest or strangest thing you have wished for and did you achieve your wish? [I believe I told @notthatmarko about the one I'm going to reveal, but am not sure...] Yours doesn't have to be 18+, but I just put it because mine was and to not restrict what people might want to...
  4. maruberry

    18+ Ten is such a god damn brat

    Honestly out of all the idols I know... Ten is the biggest god damn brat Out of all the idols I know, he is the one who KNOWS what he is doing the best. It's like he is looking to make ppl mad! He is looking or smbdy to take him to hand and make him STOP! There is very little I would like more...
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    18+ Which Idol Do You Want To See Cover WAP?

    I don't know why but my mind keeps thinking of Heechul... LOL
  6. maruberry

    18+ Taemin...... why

    FUCK this picture should be criminal!!!! He looks like a naughty boy ready to be punished and fuck he looks GOOD LIKE THAT I just want to take him over my knee and make his adorable little butt red and warm and then send him to stand in the corner...... why does he look so good like this his...
  7. maruberry

    18+ Jeonghan must be a fallen angel

    I've talked about this before.... BUT.... Jeonghan is STUNNING! Beautiful! Magnificent! I'd even go as far as to say, he is one of my ideal types (along with EXO's Kyungsoo) visually. He looks so delicate and almost royal Anf oh god the things that I want to do to him for that. There are very...
  8. maruberry

    18+ The pleas of a bear

    I want to hear Kai plead and beg I really wish to do so earnestly and desperately with his voice shaking I want to see him in cry in frustration With genuine tears rolling down his cheeks I want to see him tremble with anticipation Staying still, even without anything to bind him so I want to...
  9. maruberry

    18+ F**k me, please

    fuck me
  10. maruberry

    18+ Kun's c**k

    Kun's cock is HUGE Thick like his arm and long like his leg It's like a third leg Kun has a monster cock Bigger than you have ever seen And I just wanna slurp it right up Swallow it all down and slobber all over it I wanna eat his monster cock, his powerful wand, his majestic fuck-stick I...
  11. maruberry

    18+ Why are chains so pretty?

    This is like a serious question! Some people really prefer rope but for me.... Rope is for when there are no chains available. But why are chains so pretty? Like... they are shiny and they can look both delicate and dainty, but they can look rough and heavy as well. THEY GIVE SO MANY...
  12. maruberry

    18+ Kai... Kai.... Kai.....

    I hate how cute he is. Because that just makes it worse for me The brighter he smiles, the more I want to tie him up and worship his body The more embarrassed he gets the more I want to make him describe the things he feels When I bite his nipple When I pull his hair and whisper sweet...
  13. maruberry

    18+ these thighs make me....

    I want to spank SangA! She is such a god damn TEASE and she has this inviting and cheeky smile and it just makes me want to spank her! She has such a pretty butt too and it's such a pretty shape and it looks just PERFECT or a good smack! She also seems to be the teasing type who would act bad...
  14. maruberry

    18+ Changmin can get it

    Whoever TF snagged herself Changmin is LUCKY af. bcs looking at his Chocolate MV... With that damn collar, hands tied together etc... I just wanna grab him by that collar and kiss the shit outta him. Maybe bite him once or twice along the way. That cocky smirk on his face made me want to...
  15. FaceMcShooty

    18+ Is it shocking that...

    Is it shocking that there's no 18+ threads about Wonpil at all? Can you believe that? Zero! :dubuthink: I'm sure @daeunraine agrees with me 100% :sanapray:
  16. maruberry

    18+ Jeonghan.... [A meltdown over Fallin' flower MV]

    FUCK! Jeonghan in the fallin' flower MV... I'm.... I AM NOT ALRIGHT! THAT is what I dream about. THIS is just.... I want to bite him right then and there. I want to see bruises on that fucking perfect angelic skin. I want to suck on his nipples to hear him moan, bite them to hear him yelp...
  17. maruberry

    18+ Xiumin is definitely a sub

    How do I know? I HAVE RECEIPTS!
  18. maruberry

    18+ Pick 2 things....

    Your ideal type idol is next to you.... Down for anything you want to do next. On the table in front of you there are 3 items and you can pick 1-2 things: Handcuffs a candle a vibrator rope Condoms Which items would you pick?
  19. maruberry

    18+ NCT's Mark has a big d**k

    I ain't kidding with this one
  20. maruberry

    18+ I wanna tease Kai

    I really want to tease Kai. Keep him on edge, wanting for more and more and more. Drive him wild with desire. Make everything else irrelevant for him except for me what I am doing to him. I want to hear him beg and plead and barter ask for leniency demand me to let him cum It's fun to...