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  1. Equal_seungyo


    * only music awards nominee * + music awards top 10 list :pepeslippy: i think GOT7, SVT, BTS seem to be replaced VCR SVT do their online concert on the same day, and JYPE announced GDA was the last schedule of got7 today. whats's you guys opinion ?? GOT7 Kang Daniel The Boyz...
  2. Abeamus

    How would you handle a Kpop award show?

    How would you handle giving out awards like would you base the daesangs off success or composition and when it comes to stuff like dance would you base them off popularity or skill?
  3. Equal_seungyo

    What's the most expected of the left awards ceremony? :)

    1.9 Golden Disc Awards DAY 1 (Digital song) Date : January 9. 3:50PM Host : Park So Dam, Lee Seung Gi 1st Line up : GOT7, NCT 127, Stray Kids, TWICE, NU'EST, MONSTA X, BTS, SEVENTEEN, Oh My Girl 2nd Line up : ENHYPEN, ITZY, TREASURE, Noel, The Boyz, LAPOEM, MAMAMOO, Park Ji Chan, Park...
  4. Mangoey

    Closed Awards Team Recruitment is now CLOSED

    Awards Team Application You must be able to: 1) Dedicate quite some time per day to assign badges to members who requested for badges. 2) Make time to change badges according to the community's wishes or suggestions. 3) Recognize a variety of idols and groups. 3) Stay active and work with the...
  5. maruberry

    I don't care about awards

    I have come to this point in my kpop standom, where I do not care about awards at all. I do not care who is more successful I do not care who takes home what award. I don't vote or pay attention to who won what vote. All I want is for my faves to be successful. I don't care how that success...
  6. Yolks

    Announcement Regarding the Temporary Awards Promotion.

    Hello, We apologize for the late notice, but Awards Team has decided that if a badge thread was created before May 19th, the date it was announced that the temporary promotion is ending, you may still request with the reason "User's Badge Won Voting". The original promotion is as follows: " If...
  7. Mangoey

    Announcement The Temporary Awards Promotion is now over

    TEMPORARY PROMOTION If the badge you made for a certain group wins the final round, you may request ONE of the winning badges that YOU created for that group. However, at least two of your badges need to have won for that group, and you need to have made at least five suggestions. When...
  8. Mangoey

    Official Badge Revamp Season taglist

    If you would like to be tagged for the badge thread of a group or soloist that is in this year's badge revamp, then please reply to this thread and say which one. TAGS [/SPOILER] Also credit to @Vikki for suggesting we do this...
  9. kingtae

    Photo Taeyeon throwback MAMA 2016

  10. Yolks


    Hello everyone, Awards Team are now introducing Company Badges to KpopSource! We have worked really hard all day to create the badges, so we hope that you will like them! :maheart: Obtaining them will follow the exact same post requirements and rules as regular badges^^ We will also be adding...
  11. Yolks

    Announcement Switching or Removing Your Badges

    Hello everyone, We have gotten a few questions on what to do if you want to switch out a badge for another one. Awards team have discussed, and we have decided that because switching badges takes a lot more work & will mess up the posts + reward badge system which our team will have to keep...
  12. A


    The voting is now closed. We are now in the process of counting all the votes. Winner will be announced shortly. Thank you for voting!