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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Taehyung is the cutest bubu

    :pepecry1: So cute. :plushielove: Help me! @ARMY
  2. ningholic

    News BTS Movie Coming To Netflix @ARMY
  3. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo V for W Korea

    He looks so good. :thumbs_up::flirtyjae: @ARMY
  4. Hakunama_Tata

    News BTS V to release his solo album ‘Layover’ on September 8

    Yay! :excitedcat: @ARMY
  5. Yuzuru

    Chart NewJeans, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, aespa, LE SSERAFIM, ATEEZ, BTS, And More Sweep Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

    @Bunnies @Moa @ARMY @Atiny @Fearnot @My @Stay @Engene @Once Congratulations to everyone!
  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Performance Jung Kook(정국) - Seven (feat. Latto) inkigayo 20230730

    The encore video is the best. :pikahappy: @ARMY
  7. Hakunama_Tata

    Chart 'Seven' by Jungkook returns to its peak of #1 on Global Spotify

    Congrats to him! :bigcatclap:
  8. seoriverse

    the ninja turtles sing butter by bts

    justice for the turtle ✊ get him free tickets for the 2025 reunion show @ARMY
  9. seoriverse

    ryan gosling & jimin's outfit adventure

    he gave jimin the guitar from the movie cute! @ARMY
  10. Yuzuru

    Chart Stray Kids, aespa, ATEEZ, ENHYPEN, TWICE, LE SSERAFIM, TXT, And More Claim Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

    @Carat @Bunnies @ARMY @Moa @My @Stay @Atiny @Once @Engene
  11. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation V looks amazing as always

    He’s going to Paris to attend the CELINE Homme Summer 24 Show.:taesquish: @ARMY
  12. seoriverse

    Tourney Epiphany vs. The Astronaut vs. Abyss - BTS Jin Song Battle m1 r2 ☾⋆⁺

    Welcome back to this tournament for a second round! :pikahappy: This round and the next one will be a three-way match considering the tie of match 1 and 2 of round 1. Starting this round with a hard choice between Epiphany, The Astronaut & Abyss :koyagasp: Which one is your favorite? Vote in...
  13. Yuzuru

    Chart Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, P1Harmony, SEVENTEEN, LE SSERAFIM, TXT, TWICE, And More Sweep Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

    @Stay @ Fearnot @Engene @ARMY @Once @Moa @Carat @Neverland @P1ece Great job!
  14. Yuzuru

    Chart (G)I-DLE Takes Triple Crown On Circle Weekly Charts + ATEEZ, FIFTY FIFTY, And More Claim Top Spots

    @Neverland @Atiny @Stay @Blink @Carat @Hunny @Dive @Flover @Lun8 @Fearnot @ARMY
  15. Yuzuru

    Chart Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, SEVENTEEN, TXT, BTS’ Suga And Jimin, TWICE, And (G)I-DLE Sweep Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

    @ARMY @Carat @Moa @Fearnot @Engene @Stay @Once @Neverland Congratulations to everyone!
  16. seoriverse

    Video 'Le Jazz de V' Live Clip #2023BTSFESTA

  17. seoriverse

    Video [LIVE 🔴] BTS 10th Anniversary Fireworks Show

    The live will start on June 17 from 8:30 to 9 PM KST! Click on the bell button to get a notification when it starts @ARMY