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  1. Moguri

    Appreciation Lisa, Sorn and Mina hung out together

    I was just scrolling through my twitter feed and saw this posted by Lisa, but she did not tag anyone.. I noticed Sorn right away obviously and was not surprised by the thai girls hanging out, but when I noticed Twice's Mina on the other pics, I could not believe it at first, but its...
  2. Moguri

    Sensitive Sorn reacting to MEAN TWEETS

    Sometimes mean tweets can be a bit funny at how over the top they are, but the stuff she is getting is so stupid.. whats up with everyone calling her ugly :joshmeh: I think she is really cute and has really funny personality :sanapray:
  3. the101

    Trading The101's Trading Truck Stop 🛻 - updated 5/6

    Common: Miss A - Min Treasure Haruto weki meki doyeon CLC Sorn DPR IAN 3 IKON BOBBY Kihyun 3 Huta 5 Wanna One Sungwoo YoungK 3 Momoland Jane The Rose Jaehyeong NEW: After School Soyoung NEW: Fromis_9 chaeyoung NEW: Suzy 3 NEW: Yoo young Jae Rare: Loona - Heejin -7 Nu'est - JR 2...
  4. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Cube earns alot of flack but they did stick with CLC thru bad sales.

    where as Pledis and Jellyfish for example pulled the plug fast. clc sales Pristin sales . the trend is not good ofc but that is your job as an agency figure it out. Still their worst seller pristin V is ball park CLC best. and clc had many members Gugudan except for the crash of...
  5. Abeamus

    News CLC Yeeun signs with Superbell Company

    On August 11, a representative from Superbell Company shared, “We signed an exclusive contract with Jang Yeeun, who has been active both domestically and abroad. We plan to give full support to Jang Yeeun so that she can show her abilities in various fields including music.” Source
  6. litc

    Appreciation Happy Yeeun Day

    Happy 24th birthday in international age to CLC's Yeeun:jenniecry::jenniecry: My ult bias, my favorite idol:pandahappy: Still the soundtrack to my heart <3 The lyrics, Yeeun's voice, the video, the way Yeeun looks at the camera:nekoshy: She signed with a new company today, which is great...
  7. Exi

    News Cube Announces CLC’s Disbandment
  8. litc

    Appreciation Happy 7th anniversary to CLC

    CLC debuted on March 19, 2015:pepeheart: and they've released a lot of amazing music since then I wonder if Eunbin, and Seunghee will do a live with maybe Yujin joining:haylul: @Cheshire I'm hoping for CLC to unite under other companies:pepeheart: ,
  9. litc

    If I ever change my profile video

    SOMEONE SNAP ME OUT OF IT:pandacop: Because this video:sadcat: Is like the most beautiful thing ever:queen: The video, the song, Yeeun's voice, the lyrics, the earnest way Yeeun sings, the way Yeeun looks at the camera, everything is just so beautiful:sadcat: The only song I listen to...
  10. ahparkchaeyoung

    ranking clc's title tracks

    bc @litc is helping me stan yeeun clc :kittylove::llama_ramen: helicopter - 9.6/10 I GO UP HELICOPTER devil - 9.4/10 me - 8.4/10 i said this in lit's thread already but i LOVE the laidback kokobop vibes of the pre chorus, my fav part my second fav part is second half of the chorus...
  11. litc

    Appreciation My favorite part of every CLC title track

    Idk, I just felt like doing this :llama_squish: It's not all Yeeun:shamesica: Pepe the chorus! It's simple, catchy, sounds beautiful, and Yeeun's ad-libs are cute Eighteen It was a single, so I'm counting it:llama_tea: The chorus again, especially the "oh baby baby" part. The chorus...
  12. litc

    Card Challenge: Idol I want to go solo

    CLC's Yeeun ofc :pandahappy: :excitedmarch::excitedmarch::excitedmarch: And release music like this I already listen to this multiple times a day every day, the only song I do:pepecry2: Now by her going solo, I don't want her to leave CLC.:pepecry1: I want her to go solo as well as...
  13. Myth

    News CLC Sorn is signed with a new label as a soloist

  14. litc

    CLC Yeeun stop, this is scary

    You just come here this year, kicking out Mark who's been my ult for a whole basically 3 years:pepecross: For forever. For as long as I've had an ult in kpop :pepecross: My catchphrase was even "There's a reason Mark Lee rhymes with cutie":llama_shook: And you're not even sorry:pandamad: You...
  15. LoveYooShaSha

    New MV CLC-Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yeeun 'Another Level' | Be My Boyfriend OST

    CLC-Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yeeun 'Another Level' | Be My Boyfriend OST @Cheshire
  16. Darkseid

    News CLC Elkie shares letter thanking Cheshire and CLC for the last 5 years.

    This was obviously coming after her lawyers statement a few days ago but is still sad to see. We might be seeing CLC disbandment news soon after Gugudan as well. @Cheshire
  17. SeulPika

    18+ [Dreamcatcher x CLC] Sua x Seungyeon special clip

    Sua has gone next level with the ranchy gayness!!! :nakypog: Stan talent. Stan GayDreamcatcher and CLC!!! :pepelgbt: @Insomnia @Cheshire @Girl Group
  18. jasque

    Rumor There's a possibility CLC unflopped finally!

    "200919 CLC - Helicopter has surpassed 16k copies sold on Hanteo! Total Sales: 16,269 " "Previous 12k sales (No.1) were from GAON Chart and out of that 12k, only 6k were counted in HANTEO. This 16k HANTEO sales might double in GAON chart." We need to wait for Gaon sales numbers to be sure...
  19. jasque

    Appreciation CLC appreciation thread number 785185281

    Because those girls need always more Btw, just spamming all the clc teasers, enjoy: Btw, you might be also interested in the ones from CLC mothers: