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dance practice

  1. Jewel

    Dance Practice Stray Kids "땡(FREEZE)" Dance Practice Video

  2. Jewel

    Dance Practice THE7 - GET LOOSE ( DANCE PRACTICE )

    Stan THE7! Also, I'm trying to figure out if they would be considered k-pop or not. There are both korean & thai members and when I search the group name it pops up on a T-pop wiki. However, they never state which they are, they are just referred to as a "boy group".
  3. Jewel

    Dance Practice [Un Cut] Take #4|'Phantom' Dance Practice

  4. Jewel

    Dance Practice WayV 威神V 'Phantom' Dance Practice

  5. the101

    Dance Practice NCT Dream - Candy Dance Practice - 1.3.23

    (wasn't sure what prefix to put here) @NCT Dream
  6. alo

    TAEMIN 태민 'Advice' Dance Practice

    once again, happy birthday king <3
  7. litc

    Teaser TBZ Maverick Dance Practice Trailer Halloween Version

    :maheart: @The B
  8. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation This might be one of the cutest, most infectiously happy dance practices

    The way Team Wonho just work so well together. Radiating cute, happy vibes. :PandaUnicorn:
  9. dooh

    Performance StayC - ASAP Dance Practice

    :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: :pikahappy: @Darkseid @OnlyCalB @Soogi @Ashla_K @AmysTeri @lexus
  10. whatever

    Dance Practice [Choreography] ONEUS(원어스) '뿌셔 (BBUSYEO)' 사복 안무 영상

    I absolutely love it ! Very fun choreo !
  11. Saythename17

    Dance Practice SEVENTEEN "HOME;RUN" Dance Practice

    This is a masterpiece!
  12. dooh

    Dance Practice MOMOLAND - PINKY LOVE Dance Practice

    :nekolove: enjoy Momoland :maheart: the vibes they show, love it
  13. maruberry

    Dance Practice Pink Fantasy "Playing House" Zombie Ver. Dance practice

    ngl, the make up is absolute BOMB! And I love this choreo and song SO MUCH!
  14. eclipsoul

    Dance Practice ITZY 'Wannabe' Dance Practice

  15. maruberry

    Dance Practice Kai confession dance practice [feat. demo version of Confession]

    I'm... the dancing and Kai are all amazing... but the LYRICS OF THIS DEMO????? This is like Call me Daddy all over again! FAVOURITE POSITION??? PUT YOUR LEGS UP, SWITCH THE POSITION I AM.... WHAT!!!????