1. naturalqueen

    is there a law against stalking in sk?

    like sasaengs... and also dispatch? can the companies sue them and is there a law in sk?
  2. Mayday

    Rumor [NAVER] Dispatch reports Jennie and G-Dragon are allegedly dating

    Post taken from KProfiles According to Dispatch, Jennie and G-Dragon have reportedly been dating for the past year. Their relationship is known by YGE, and the staff have helped the couple keep their relationship secret. It has also been said that most of their dates take place at G-Dragon's...
  3. marublade

    The waiting game has begun [Who will it be this year]

    I stayed up all night last year waiting for the release... I hope I don't have to do that THIS year lmao Drop the names Dispatch!
  4. Darkseid

    News Dispatch doing an exposé on MAMA 2020

    Basically, all idols had to wait in their cars/the parking lot for hours. Waiting rooms were only provided to actors and 2 idol groups (not named who). Catering was set up outside actors' waiting rooms and idols were told to use the shared cafeteria inside the building. Most ended up having to...
  5. marublade

    Now that Dispatch and Bighit don't get along any more.....

    When do you think the dating scandal is happening? Dispatch have been going after BTS a lot these days, so I think it is only a matter of time until they pop the ultimate scandal.... the DATING scandal! I'm gonna say it's gonna take a bit, bcs Dispatch is going to want fresh tea and proof for...
  6. blueberries

    News (Dispatch investigation) Did Suga have larger part in the production of the mixtape and was the inclusion of Jim Jones rly mistake?

    Source: Dispatch Dives In — Did BTS's Suga and Big Hit Entertainment Really Know Nothing About Jim Jones? I didn't find other news in English yet so although it's koreaboo I guess that's the best the currently is. It's from Dispatch article though so should have some credits ^^ The article is...
  7. QueenB

    Dispatch really likes drama

    So on Dispatch's Instagram they posted this: And oh boy......they really know how to get attention by trolling fans. I would think it's just them doing business as usual but the song choice is questionable.
  8. NeoSquare

    Appreciation Dispatch is fangirling again

    I am a flop TyongF in comparison to Dispatch Someone hold me :pandasad:
  9. NeoSquare

    Rumor Dispatch and the New Years couple... What happened? What will happen?

    So I just woke up so I am still gathering all the info's and tea's spilled last night... :llama_tea: It is said that they might wait for the hype to be over to then drop it, or they might wait till the day ends If you're interested I suggest you follow this page as I'm working my way...
  10. PrideInBaek

    News So Dispatch...

    Apparently Junsu and Hani are back together and Dispatch released these old pictures of them... LMAO so was the big fish supposed to be Changmin? But since he announced his relationship a couple days ago, this is the best/worst they could do?
  11. Mayday

    News JYP's stocks go down after news of Jihyo dating is released

    As news of Jihyo and Daniel was released yesterday at around 8 PM KST, JYP's stocks have since gone down. Yikes.
  12. Yseki

    News English Translation Of The Dispatch Article (Last Update On This)

    My last update on this, sorry for the multiple threads. On June 1, Han Seo Hee was contacted by WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon via Kakao Talk. Read their message exchange below: According to Han Seo Hee, Lee Seung Hoon told her as follows, "He said that B.I got caught [during drug...