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  1. dumbcore

    TV What is your favorite drama of 2020?

    Definitely 'my holo love' :sakUwu:
  2. yminsane


    Hi, long time no see....anywho, I wanted to ask if some of you beautiful people out there can share a few of your favorites Korean Movie I watched a lot of them, A LOT, And as a consequence, I couldn't find any interesting ones If you know some that have the same rhythm as I SAW THE DEVIL, A...
  3. D

    News (G)-IDLE Shuhua is starring in a new drama?

    In Yuqi's new Vlive, she called Shuhua and apparently Shuhua is working on a drama right now. What's your opinion on this? And what drama do you think Shuhua will be starring in? Here are the clips from Vlive
  4. PrideInBaek

    I wanna punch Kai..

    So I am watching this Thai bl show Theory of Love and I keep having the urge to punch one of the leading characters named Kai or Khai. Especially after episode 4 I wanna kick his butt so bad. If any one else is watching it too then come and help me kick him. This is the third series for Off-Gun...
  5. RavenHikari

    Youtube Tea Has Been Interesting This Week

    :taemsip: Projared has lost over 300k subscribers is no longer part of 1m subs club James Charles has lost over 1 million subs. Commander Holly only lost 20k subscribers. Only been 3 days y'all :llama_tea:
  6. Emanresu

    TV Eman's K-Drama Favs

    Eman's K-Drama Favs Hello. It's Eman. K-pop lover and K-drama fiend. I spend about half my "Korea time" watching k-dramas. I think k-drama offers some of the best, funniest, thrilling, and most romantic stories one can find. They offer an experience that is hard to find in Western...